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    Connecticut Local Counsel Services Lawyer

    If you are an out-of-state law firm looking for a top Connecticut local counsel civil law firm to assist your client with a litigation in Connecticut state or federal court, then you will probably be looking for a law firm that understands the intricacies and nuances of the local courts and rules here in Connecticut. For years, the Mark Sherman Law team of civil litigators have been assisting out-of-state law firms as local counsel in civil litigations in Stamford, Bridgeport and Danbury state and federal courts. Knowing the local rules, judge’s rules, and Connecticut state Practice Book is half the challenge. Familiarity with your opposing counsel’s strengths and weaknesses, knowing the pet peeves and practice preferences of the judge assigned to your case, and having a local counsel working with you who can work the most efficiently with Connecticut’s court clerks and e-filing system should also be a top priority. Therefore, if you are looking for experienced and cost-effective Bridgeport or Stamford Connecticut local counsel for your Connecticut civil litigation, call a Connecticut local counsel services lawyer today.

    Local Counsel for Commercial Litigations, Intellectual Property Cases, Personal Injury Lawsuits, Arbitrations & Employment Litigations

    When looking for the best local counsel for your Connecticut case, your priorities should be experience, cost, and responsiveness. The Mark Sherman Law Firm strives to offer first class service, coupled with the skill and experience you would expect from the best civil litigation firms in the state. We have years of experience in assisting out-of-state counsel with complicated civil litigations involving intellectual property, personal injury, wrongful death, employment matters, business disputes, workplace discrimination and intentional torts. We also accompany out-of-state law firms with Connecticut arbitrations and mediations. In either setting, we will work quickly to have our out-of-state co-counsel admitted pro hac vice into the Connecticut courts so you and your firm can get as involved in the case as you and your client would prefer.

    Unique Aspects of Local Counsel Services

    When you are looking to hire any of the top Connecticut local counsel firms in the State of Connecticut, perhaps one of the most important requirements will be a thorough knowledge of the Connecticut Practice Book—which are the rules that lawyers are required to comply with when litigating in the Connecticut State Courts. This is where the Mark Sherman Law team of Connecticut local counsel lawyers stand out. Attorney Ryan A. O’Neill, who heads the firm’s civil practice, is also an adjunct trial advocacy professor at the Quinnipiac School of Law, and has been teaching evidence to students for years as part of his coaching responsibilities for Quinnipiac’s award-winning mock trial program. As a result, the firm’s knowledge and proficiency with the Connecticut Practice Book and Connecticut Code of Evidence lends itself well for assisting out-of-state law firms with technical—albeit critical—Connecticut motion practice.

    The State & Federal Connecticut Court Systems

    Finding the best Connecticut local counsel law firm for your case can be a challenge in Fairfield County, Connecticut. As you assess the costs of local counsel for your client, your local counsel’s proximity to the courthouse becomes a factor. When acting as local counsel, the Mark Sherman Law Firm will not pass through any costs or fees for travel time to and from any Connecticut courthouse. Our offices are located less than a mile from the Stamford, Connecticut civil courthouse and less than 30 miles from the Bridgeport Connecticut state and federal courthouses, and the Danbury, Connecticut state courthouse. The Stamford Superior Courthouse in Stamford Connecticut presides over criminal and civil litigation matters, including complex litigation matters. The Bridgeport Superior Courthouse on Main Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut likewise hears criminal and civil litigation matters. Bridgeport Connecticut is also home to a United States District Court, the southernmost federal courthouse in the State of Connecticut where federal criminal and civil matters are heard. Finally, Danbury Connecticut is home to Danbury Superior Court where civil and criminal matters are heard. Since 2002, the Mark Sherman Law Firm has assisted out-of-state law firms with litigations in these Fairfield County Connecticut courthouses, located in Stamford, Bridgeport and Danbury. For years, we have worked with opposing counsel and court clerks, and appeared before many of the judges who are still presiding over civil and criminal matters in these courthouses.

    Contact Local Counsel for Assistance with Your Client’s Connecticut Lawsuit or Subpoena

    As you can see, there are many factors to be considered in finding the best fit for your selection of Bridgeport, Danbury or Stamford Connecticut local counsel for your client. As experienced litigators appreciate, every courthouse has its own personality and its own set of formal and informal rules. The civil litigation lawyers at Mark Sherman Law have been hired as local counsel by some of the best civil litigation firms in the country, assisting in complex commercial litigation, arbitrations, and personal injury matters in both state and federal courts in Stamford, Bridgeport, and Danbury Connecticut as well as other Connecticut courthouses. Our civil lawyers have won six and seven-figure verdicts and are prepared to assist in any capacity that your firm and your client desire. We are flexible in fee structures and will tailor our fee agreement to allow you to keep your fees and costs down for your clients. So call us today to discuss hiring the Mark Sherman Law firm to assist you as local counsel for your Connecticut litigation.