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    Connecticut Drug Trafficking Lawyer

    If you are facing drug trafficking charges, you need to obtain legal representation right away. The penalties for selling, manufacturing, or transporting illegal drugs in the Stamford area can be severe. Because trafficking occurs throughout various jurisdictions, federal charges are often brought along with state-level drug trafficking charges, resulting in lengthy mandatory minimum prison sentences.

    Regardless of the type of drug or amount that was recovered during your arrest, there are ways to protect your legal rights and defend yourself against these types of charges. Our Connecticut drug trafficking lawyers are experienced in this field of law, and can help you build a defense strategy tailored to your specific case.

    Benefit of Legal Representation

    Connecticut has many harsh and complex laws relating to the sale, manufacture, or transportation of controlled dangerous substances, known as CDS. If you are arrested with over a certain amount of certain types of CDS or under certain circumstances, you can be charged with the serious crime of drug trafficking. A drug trafficking conviction can result in steep fines, a permanent criminal record, and even a lifetime prison sentence in some cases.

    The penalties one faces if convicted will depend not only on the type and quantity of drugs recovered, but also on whether or not the court finds the defendant to be drug-dependent. The defendant’s prior record will also be taken into account.

    Connecticut law allows judges the ability to tailor sentences for drug trafficking offenders, making the help of an experienced attorney especially important if a person is facing this charge. Defendants will need an attorney in CT who understands the drug trafficking law and can eloquently argue their defense so that they are not at a disadvantage in court.

    Connecticut Drug Trafficking Laws

    In Connecticut, it is illegal to sell, intend to sell, possess with intent to sell, or transport certain types and amounts of drugs. As opposed to merely possessing illegal drugs for personal use, if the prosecution can prove that an individual intended to sell drugs to others, they may face the far more serious charge of drug trafficking.

    The potential penalties for a trafficking conviction will depend on the schedule of the drug the person was found with, in addition to whether or not the court considers the defendant to be drug dependent.

    Connecticut law classifies CDS into five different categories, or “schedules,” which can be found at Chapter 420b, Title 21a of the Connecticut Code. Depending on the schedule of drug a person was arrested with, different sentencing guidelines must be followed by the judge if the person is convicted. Repeat drug offenders face harsher penalties than those arrested for the first time.

    The charges the prosecution can bring against a person depend on whether or not they are considered a drug dependent defendant. If an individual is charged under the non-drug dependent statute, they face harsher penalties than do drug dependent offenders, including mandatory minimum prison sentences.

    If someone is at risk of receiving a harsh sentence under the non-drug dependent statute, their potential jail time can be lowered if they are able to prove at trial that they are indeed drug dependent. The court is entitled to suspend mandatory minimum sentences for offenders under the age of 18, whether they are found to be drug dependent or not.

    It is important to note that, in order to be convicted of drug trafficking in Connecticut, the prosecution will need to prove more than just that someone had illegal drugs. The prosecution is required to show that they intended to sell the drugs to obtain a conviction. There are many ways to defend against this charge with the help of a CT drug trafficking attorney who understands the nuances of this area of law.

    Contacting A Connecticut Drug Trafficking Attorney

    Although Connecticut’s complex laws contain severe penalties for drug trafficking, many different factors must be taken into account by the judge prior to sentencing. The help of an attorney who understands how different legal elements can be used in your favor is essential to obtaining the best possible outcome for your case.

    If you are being investigated for or have been charged with drug trafficking, do not delay – contact our Connecticut drug trafficking defense lawyers to begin building your case today.