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    Connecticut Immigration Lawyer

    Are you facing deportation? Do you need to apply for or renew a Green Card? Do you want to learn about becoming a United States citizen? Contact a top Connecticut immigration attorney today for legal help with these and other immigration topics.

    Important Facts About Immigration Law

    Immigration law covers a lot more than expected and can involve many complex statutes and rules. Examples of the sorts of cases in which a lawyer can prove invaluable include:

    • Deportation hearings/defense
    • Petitions for asylum
    • Investor visa applications
    • Green Card processes (family-based and employment-based)
    • Fiancé and marriage visas
    • Extension of visas
    • Matters of citizenship and naturalization
    • Refugee matters

    Criminal and Family Law Impacts on Immigration Status

    A top Connecticut lawyer will be able to tell you that criminal charges and family matters can have bearing on your immigration status. If you are an immigrant and are facing criminal charges or family law matters, contact a top Connecticut lawyer to learn about the potential implications on your immigration status and explore resolutions that will not jeopardize that status.

    Though conviction on any criminal charge has the ability to trigger deportation proceedings, there are some that have that effect more often than others. These include:

    Even if conviction on any of the above offenses occurred well in the past, it is still possible to face removal or deportation proceedings as a result. The consequences of not securing zealous legal representation in such scenarios can be utterly devastating for entire families.

    Are You Facing Deportation?

    Convictions of even minor offenses can result in deportation. It is critical to secure the help of an attorney who understands how to seek relief from removal and who has a solid track record of success in deportation defense and appeals.

    Aggressive Defense in Deportation/Removal Proceedings

    While non-citizens facing deportation proceedings may feel as though they stand little chance of prevailing, there are in fact several forms of relief which a seasoned immigration attorney can seek on their behalf. Among these are:

    • Adjustment of status
    • Voluntary departure
    • Grant of asylum
    • Cancellation of removal or deportation
    • Waivers

    Contact a Connecticut Immigration Attorney Today

    Don’t wait until it is too late. If you are a non-citizen and your continued presence in the United States is in question or in danger, a Connecticut immigration lawyer is ready and willing to fight for your future.