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    Quinnipiac Expulsion Lawyer

    An experienced Quinnipiac expulsion lawyer knows that defending against expulsion in a campus setting can be far different than fighting criminal charges in court, but in many ways, just as important. Working with a top defense lawyer familiar with Quinnipiac University disciplinary proceedings can make the difference in working towards a positive outcome.

    What Jurisdiction Does the University Have?

    Quinnipiac University students are governed by the Code of Conduct from the time they are admitted to the University through Commencement, even during break periods. According to University statements, the off-campus jurisdiction applies in situations that have the potential to adversely affect Quinnipiac or the University’s objectives or pose a danger to the health, safety or welfare of students or others. If a student is facing expulsion for an off-campus incident, a Quinnipiac expulsion lawyer can show that school jurisdiction is not warranted.

    Am I Afforded Legal Protections?

    Instead of innocent until proven guilty, the Quinnipiac Student Code of Conduct follows the ideology that any attempt to violate the policies is enough, in and of itself, to constitute a violation.

    Therefore, students accused of wrongdoing need to be vigilant in protecting what rights they do have in striving to defend themselves against allegations. An expulsion lawyer who understands the Quinnipiac disciplinary system can devise a strategy to take advantage of the best opportunities provided to help reach a positive outcome.

    How Does the University Address Allegations of Misconduct?

    The Student Code of Conduct process at Quinnipiac University establishes the means of addressing alleged violations of school standards. Serious violations fall under the authority of the vice president and dean of students if they require immediate attention. Other matters may be reviewed by a conduct officer.

    Many disciplinary matters are handled in what is referred to as a “conduct meeting.” If you were accused of wrongdoing, you are not permitted to have an expulsion attorney or any friends or family members with you in the meeting. You are, however, allowed to have one “adviser” present who is a student or staff member of the University, but the adviser may not speak on the student’s behalf.

    Work with a Knowledgeable Quinnipiac Expulsion Attorney

    If it is not possible to disprove allegations, a Quinnipiac expulsion lawyer can negotiate a solution, such as a withdrawal from the university that leaves the student’s disciplinary record clear. To learn more about the ways a student defense advocate could help in your case, call Mark Sherman Law today.