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    Quinnipiac Title IX Hearing Defense Lawyer

    • Quinnipiac’s Title IX coordinator is in charge of leading any investigation for allegations of sexual misconduct.
    • You have the right to consult an advisor (like an attorney) and have them by your side throughout the entirety of a Title IX proceeding.

    • Statements made during a Quinnipiac Title IX hearing can be used against you criminally.
    • If you are being accused of a Title IX sexual harassment violation at Quinnipiac, contact a top student defense lawyer today.

    How Does a Quinnipiac Title IX Proceeding Begin?

    A Title IX investigation kicks off after the filing of a formal complaint with the university Title IX coordinator. One a complaint is filed, the Title IX coordinator or deputy coordinator will talk with the complainant, figure out if any school policies were violated, and decide if there is cause to conduct a formal investigation.

    What Are My Rights in a Quinnipiac Title IX Hearing?

    Students accused of violating Quinnipiac’s Title IX policy have rights. Outside of having the right to speak with the investigator, review a final report, and having the right to a hearing, students are guaranteed the right to an advisor. Advisors are able to counsel students throughout the Title IX process to create the best defense to the allegations they face. Having an experienced defense attorney as an advisor not only ensures your best interests are being looked after but provides peace of mind that you are not alone.

    Who’s Involved in a Title IX Hearing?

    Outside of the parties themselves (complainant and respondent), any Title IX investigation will involve Quinnipiac’s Title IX coordinator.  Additionally, the process will involve two investigators (one of whom might be the Title IX coordinator) to gather facts and evidence related to the complaint. Formal hearings take place before Quinnipiac’s Title IX Grievance Committee. The committee is composed of faculty members that have been trained in Title IX issues.

    What is Title IX?

    Title IX is a broad law enacted as part of the Educational Amendments of 1972. It applies to issues of alleged sex discrimination, harassment, and misconduct. For more info about Title IX, check out our recent post on changes to Title IX that will take effect August 14, 2020.

    Be Sure to Check Out Quinnipiac’s Title IX Handbook

    A Title IX hearing, like any proceeding, is stressful. Reading Quinnipiac’s Title IX Policy to understand the rules can be monotonous, complex, and add anxiety to the situation. Knowing what to expect can help reduce some of that stress and anxiety. That’s where we come in.

    Contact a Connecticut Title IX Student Defense Lawyer Today

    You don’t have to go it alone. Having a trusted advisor with your best interests in mind can make all the difference in a Title IX sexual misconduct proceeding. The attorneys with the Law Office of Mark Sherman can help you navigate this process at Quinnipiac and provide counseling to effectively defend yourself. Check out our hundreds of certified 5-star Avvo reviews and call us at 203-358-4700 today to learn more about how we can help you.