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    Serious Impact of UConn Second Degree Fake ID Forgery Arrests 

    A forgery fake ID charge is very serious because it is a felony charge that can result in jail time and a permanent felony conviction on a criminal record.  This charge can also result in school discipline, including suspension or expulsion from UConn.  If you want to know more about how you can mitigate the serious impact of UConn second degree fake ID forgery arrests, consult a skilled second-degree fake ID forgery lawyer that could help.

    Different Ways to Be Charged With Possessing a Fake ID

    Someone can be charged with possessing a fake ID if they are caught having any sort of forged or fake ID in their possession. A person does not need to actively be using the ID to be charged with Forgery. One way that an individual could be charged is if an underage student goes to a liquor store and buys alcohol with a fake ID.

    There are often undercover officers at the liquor store that approach the student after the fake ID is used to buy alcohol. Another way that these charges is when someone is arrested for a different charge and then the police search their belongings or their vehicle and they find a fake ID in their possession. They tack that charge onto for the initial charge for which they were arrested.

    The serious impact of UConn second degree fake ID forgery arrests are different in that scenario because a person can be charged with multiple counts of the felony forgery second-degree charge. For example, if someone created and sold 25 fake IDs, they could be charged with 25 counts of felony forgery second.

    UConn’s Response to Forgery and Fake ID Offenses

    UConn takes fake ID forgery charges very seriously for a wide range of reasons. The first one is that it is creating a culture in which students are breaking the law, which is very serious to any school. It is also promoting a culture of underage drinking, which the school takes seriously because it is dangerous for students who are underage to be drinking and it is a liability for the school. Anyone who has been charged with creating or distributing these fake IDs will most likely be faced with a suspension from school.

    Potential Penalties for Forgery in the Second-Degree

    The serious impact of UConn second degree fake ID forgery arrests also includes criminal penalties. A person charged with forgery in the second degree at UConn can potentially be punished by up to five years in prison if they are found guilty of the crime. If the forgery was used to injure another person or steal property or identity, that person may be required by the court to pay restitution for whatever damage was caused by their actions. That person would also face a permanent criminal record if they are found guilty of the crime.

    Consequences for Those Who Have Not Been Convicted

    Even if a person is not convicted, any person charged with forgery second will need to attend court for at least two to three times before the case will go away. Additionally, the case will be kept open for around two years following the first court date and during that time, that person is required to stay out of trouble and to complete whatever other conditions the judge orders them to complete.

    If a person does not stay out of trouble during that year, they are brought back to court and they potentially face a conviction for the underlying forgery charge. UConn students charged with forgery also often face school disciplinary procedures following the arrest. These disciplinary procedures typically result in suspension or expulsion from school.

    Value of a UCONN Second Degree Fake ID Forgery Attorney

    The first thing people should know is that felony fake ID charges are treated very seriously by the Rockville Superior Court and they should be treated equally seriously by anyone who is been charged with a crime. Individuals should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible after the arrest or after a person finds out that they might be arrested.

    The serious impact of UConn second degree fake ID forgery arrests can result in a permanent record and even jail time in some instances. Furthermore, pleading guilty can jeopardize a student’s future academic career as well as professional career and felony convictions can make finding a job after graduation difficult. If a person has been arrested for a fake ID forgery offense, they should consult an accomplished fake ID lawyer that could build a solid defense for them.