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    University Consequences in UConn Fake ID Forgery Cases

    Using a fake ID can have serious criminal and academic consequences which is why it is important to retain the services of an attorney. A skilled second-degree fake ID forgery attorney could help an individual deal with the school disciplinary procedure as well as the criminal case.

    When searching for an attorney, a student should look for someone who has handled these cases before, especially in Rockville Superior Court. A lawyer who has experience in handling these cases may know exactly how to speak to a prosecutor and what the prosecutor and judge are looking for in order to drop charges. In order to learn more about university consequences in UConn fake ID forgery cases, an individual should speak with a knowledgeable lawyer that could help.

    Differences in Defense Strategies for University and Criminal Cases

    Defense strategies differ between university and criminal cases in a few different ways. The first is that in criminal cases, a student is not pleading guilty. In university disciplinary hearings, typically the university wants the student to take accountability and apologize for their actions and although it is not a guilty plea, it is the student kind of owning up to it and basically pleading guilty in front of the disciplinary hearing. That is the opposite in court. In order to potentially avoid university consequences in UConn fake ID forgery cases, students should not plead guilty and should not admit to any of the allegations, to preserve all their rights.

    Unlawful Arrests

    It is always possible that an officer arrests someone unlawfully, especially in the scenarios in which an officer is violating constitutional rights, commits a search without a warrant, or does not properly Mirandize someone.

    These violations are helpful for the defense if the case were to go trial. Typically in first time offenses, the cases do not go to trial unless someone is pleading absolute innocence or that they did not even know that they had that ID and it does not belong to them.

    Is it Common for Officers to Make Mistakes During the Arrest Process

    It is not too common for an officer to make a mistake during the fake ID ivestigation process. The officers at UConn are very experienced and know what they are doing, and unless the mistake is very large and can lead to something that really affects the case, it is not something that the court really cares about it as much.

    However, if someone is being charged with a fake ID  offense and the fake ID was found unlawfully by the officer, it could affect the outcome of trial because the fake ID could be suppressed. Officers’ mistakes can affect the outcome of the trial because important evidence might be suppressed by the judge. The jury would never learn about that evidence.

    Important Information When Investigating Charges

    When investigating charges, a fake ID lawyer often looks at how the fake ID was discovered by the officer if it was discovered lawfully. The lawyer will also look at whether or not the defendant has any sort of criminal record and if they were found in violation of any other crime.

    An attorney could work to mitigate university consequences in UConn fake ID forgery cases. Typically, it takes some amount of work from the defendant. A lawyer might use first-time diversionary programs or community service, in order to mitigate the penalties that a person may face.

    How an Attorney Can Help in University Disciplinary Hearings

    An attorney can help a lot even though they are not allowed to represent a student during the disciplinary hearing. An attorney could prepare a student on exactly what they are going to be asked and how to answer these questions. This is important for a variety of reasons, the main reason being that if questions are not answered properly or if a student says something to incriminate themselves, they might face an additional criminal charge because the UConn disciplinary board can submit whatever that student says to the police department and court.

    It is also important to have an attorney prepare a person for the hearing because they are going to need to testify and speak to the disciplinary board, and typically college students do not really know what the board is looking for and they do not really know how to be open and honest without incriminating themselves in this scenario. If an individual wants to know more university consequences in UConn fake ID forgery cases, they should work with an accomplished fake ID forgery lawyer that could guide individuals through the university trial process.