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    Connecticut State Police Coronavirus Fraud Investigations

    • Connecticut has announced a task force to crack down on Coronavirus / COVID-19 fraud.
    • The task force was developed to investigate and prosecute unemployment and PPP fraud.

    • Those being investigated for fraud can face civil and criminal prosecution.
    • If you are the subject of a state police investigation for Coronavirus fraud, contact a top Coronavirus fraud defense lawyer before speaking to police.

    What is Being Investigated as Fraud?

    Under Connecticut General Statute § 42-110b, unfair or deceptive acts or practices are illegal in the conduct of trade or commerce and can be investigated and prosecuted by the State of Connecticut. Some common fraudulent schemes that are on the rise during COVID-19 include: Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) application fraud, unemployment fraud, CARES Act fraud, and price gouging. Connecticut’s task force is also investigating individuals and business selling at-home COVID-19 tests and illegitimate charity organizations accepting donations.

    How Will a Coronavirus Fraud Investigation Start?

    Anyone can contact the Office of the Attorney General or local police agency to make a report against you. The AG or local police department will look into the report and decide whether it should be investigated further. If you are the subject of an investigation, you can be contacted by the FBI, US State’s Attorney’s office, Attorney General’s office or local police agency or State’s Attorney’s office.

    What Should I Do if I am Contacted by Police? 

    If you are contacted by the police as a subject of a Connecticut Coronavirus fraud investigation, remember—you don’t need to speak to the police without an attorney by your side! Call any of the best Connecticut criminal defense attorneys to help you communicate with the police to avoid incriminating yourself and exposing yourself to additional criminal or civil liability.

    How Will I Know I’m Being Investigated? 

    Reports can be anonymously filed against you without your knowledge. If the Attorney General or local police agency deem that an investigation is necessary, they may contact you to ask for additional information or for a formal statement as to the allegations. Police may also serve you with a subpoena. If you are contacted by local police or the Attorney General’s office, don’t provide any information or response to allegations without first discussing your case with an attorney.

    Can I be Arrested for Coronavirus / COVID-19 Fraud in Connecticut?

    Yes. If you are the subject of an investigation by the United States Attorney’s Office or your local State’s Attorney’s Office, you can be arrested and prosecuted for unemployment fraud or PPP application fraud. Connecticut’s task force has made it clear that local arresting agencies have the power to investigate and initiate arrests. Penalties can include civil fines and state or federal prosecution, so be sure to contact an attorney before speaking to police. 

    Call a Coronavirus Fraud Defense Attorney Today

    If you are the subject of an investigation or have been contacted by the United States Attorney’s Office or local State’s Attorney’s Office or police department, contact an experienced defense attorney today to represent you during the investigation.  Click here to read certified reviews from past clients, and call us today at (203) 569-3599.