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    Fighting Connecticut Attorney General Coronavirus Fraud Investigations

    • Connecticut’s Attorney General announced a joint task force with the US Attorney’s Office, FBI, and Connecticut’s State’s Attorney’s Office.
    • Law enforcement agencies are seeking out scammers during the coronavirus pandemic who have committed fraud with the CARES programs, like the Payroll Protection Program.
    • The Connecticut Attorney General’s office continues to accept consumer complaints and launch investigations into unemployment fraud and PPP fraud.
    • If you received a Civil Investigative Subpoena or Complaint from the Connecticut AG’s office, call an experienced lawyer.

    Who is Investigating Coronavirus Fraud in Connecticut?

    These days, everything’s online – stimulus checks are electronically deposited into accounts, you can get anything you want online, and ads are popping up everywhere for small business loans, COVID-19 self-test kits, and “medicine” to prevent the coronavirus.

    Because of the exponentially increased risk of scammers, the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office just announced the formation of a task force, with the FBI, United State’s Attorney’s Office, and State’s Attorney’s Office to combat coronavirus related fraud or abuse.

    What to do if I’ve been Accused of Payroll Protection Fraud or Unemployment Fraud by the Connecticut AG?

    If you’ve been informally contacted or received a Civil Investigative Subpoena from the Connecticut Attorney General, speak with an experienced Connecticut attorney before speaking with law enforcement.  As top Connecticut attorneys know, not all price fluctuations are considered price gouging.  An attorney can look closely at your situation and assist you in resolving the investigation.

    What does the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office do?

    The Connecticut AG’s office represents the public interest.  Headed by current Attorney General William Tong, the office has multiple departments focused on different issues, including consumer protection, civil rights, children protection, and many others.

    What Kind of Coronavirus Fraud with the Connecticut AG Be Investigating?

    Often, a CT Attorney General investigation starts with a fraud complaint.  After reviewing complaints, an AG representative may reach out to the involved parties and demand documents and additional information.

    We are going to see many Coronavirus Complaints for unemployment fraud, price gouging, and PPP fraud, in the form of false applications for government money.

    How Will I Know if I’m being Investigated by the Connecticut AG?

    An investigation into your or your business likely started long before you became aware of it.  Top Connecticut AG investigation attorneys are often contacted by clients after they received a request for information from Connecticut’s Attorney General’s Office.  Sometimes, the Attorney General issues Civil Investigative Subpoenas, demanding the production of years’ worth of documents, all before a formal lawsuit starts.

    Is the Attorney General’s Office Open during COVID-19?

    While the physical office is currently closed, Attorney General lawyers (and there are hundreds of them) are busier than ever.  From helping consumers get reimbursement for cancelled travel plans, to investigating fake coronavirus cures, and dealing with fraudulent business loans, the AG’s office is active and ready to investigate alleged violations of the law.

    Can the Connecticut Attorney General Arrest Me?

    Technically no but, if the AG believes a crime has occurred, it can refer you to State or Federal law enforcement, which will launch its own investigation.  However, the CT Attorney General can issue hefty fines, civil penalties, and injunctions against you.

    Is Price Gouging Illegal during COVID-19?

    Yes.  Connecticut civil laws C.G.S. § § 42-230, 42-232, and 42-110b can expose you to monetary penalties/lawsuits if you engage in price gouging, and – in some situations – price gouging can be a crime.  Under Connecticut’s civil laws, you could face a fine of up to $99 per violation for increasing the price of any retail item while a declared emergency disaster – like the coronavirus pandemic – is pending.

    Contact an Experienced Connecticut Attorney Today

    If you received an inquiry or Civil Investigative Subpoena from the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office, get in touch with a team of attorneys to represent you during every step of the investigation.  You can see hundreds of reviews from our past clients here and can reach us anytime.