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    FBI & US Attorney Federal Coronavirus / COVID-19 Fraud Arrests

    • The Justice Department announced a joint task force with the US Attorney’s Office, FBI, Connecticut’s Attorney General, and Connecticut’s State’s Attorney’s Office.
    • These agencies are prioritizing the investigation of Corona-related scammers during the coronavirus pandemic.
    • The feds, meaning the Connecticut United States Attorney’s office, are investigating CARES Act fraud, unemployment fraud, and PPP fraud.
    • If you are being investigated by the FBI, call a top criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

    What is Coronavirus / COVID-19 Fraud? 

    The feds are investigating fraud related to the CARES Act, PPP loan application, unemployment applications, and other types of stimulus frauds.  Some people have been investigated by the FBI for advertising fake coronavirus cures and tricking unwitting citizens into turning over their personal identifying information.

    What is the Connecticut Coronavirus Task Force?

    As a result, the government has announced the creation of a specialized joint federal and state task force to combat scams. The task force will consist of the FBI, United States Attorney’s Office, Connecticut Attorney General’s Office, and Connecticut State’s Attorney’s Office to combat coronavirus related fraud or abuse.

    What Will the Connecticut Coronavirus Task Force Do?

    The task force will investigate and prosecute a wide range of misconduct related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including price gouging, healthcare and government program fraud, consumer and small business scams, lending scams, charities fraud, and cyber fraud.  

    How is the Connecticut FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office Involved?

    The FBI and United States Attorney prosecutes all criminal and civil cases brought by the Federal government. It is headed by U.S. Attorney John Durham, and it will be directing Federal prosecutions in order to disrupt the fraudulent schemes and prosecute those who prey on the fear and sympathy of innocent members of the public.

    How Does the Connecticut US Attorney Start An Investigation? 

    Often, a CT United States Attorney investigation starts with a complaint, either to the criminal division or the civil division.  After reviewing the information, a US attorney representative or the FBI may open an investigation, reach out to the subject of the complaint to request interviews or documents, and interview other witnesses.

    How Will I Know if I’m Being Investigated by the Connecticut United States Attorney’s Office?

    You probably won’t know until the investigation is well underway. Top Connecticut Federal attorneys typically receive calls from clients who have been contacted by the FBI or another investigator. At that point, the government is already well informed and has evidence against you.

    Is There a Specific COVID-19 Fraud Division of the US Attorney’s Office?

    Yes, there is a dedicated COVID-19 Fraud Coordinator who is working closely with the rest of the special task force to conduct investigations and direct prosecutions.

    Can the United States Attorney Arrest Me?

    Yes. The US Attorney’s Office is responsible for enforcing Federal laws and can seek to have you indicted and direct the FBI to arrest you.

    Contact an Experienced Connecticut Federal Attorney Today

    If you find yourself under investigation from the United States Attorney’s Office, get in touch with one of Connecticut’s best Federal attorneys immediately to represent you the investigation.  You can see hundreds of reviews from our past clients here and can reach us anytime at (203) 569-3599.