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    Building a Defense in Darien Disorderly Conduct Cases


    Building a strong defense in a Daren disorderly conduct case takes a thorough understanding of Connecticut state law, the way law enforcement officers approach this type of offense, and how courts usually prosecute them. A top disorderly conduct lawyer can use their knowledge of the law to help you.

    What Are Disorderly Conduct Charges Based On?

    Disorderly conduct is defined by Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.)§53a-182 as any action meant to alarm, annoy, or inconvenience another person. This statute also lists several specific actions that may constitute disorderly conduct, such as obstructing public roadways, ignoring a law enforcement officer’s order to disperse, disturbing a lawful assembly, and physical fighting.

    How Is Disorderly Conduct Prosecuted?

    In most situations, disorderly conduct is prosecuted as a class C misdemeanor, the punishments for which upon conviction cannot exceed three months of jail time and a $500 fine. However, if someone is arrested for disorderly conduct in the context of domestic violence, they may face additional consequences such as the imposition of a protective order, removal from their house, and investigation by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF).

    The focus of a disorderly conduct defense strategy in Darien may be different depending on the circumstances under which the defendant was arrested. Recorded statements and physical evidence may be important if an arrest stems from a prior investigation, whereas an arrest made at the scene of an alleged offense may center more around contemporaneous accounts and the observations of the responding police officer. Either way, legal counsel could help build a defendant’s case in accordance with their specific situation.

    How Can an Attorney Help Structure a Defense?

    The most important part of constructing a strong defense against disorderly conduct charges in Darien is knowing what specific evidence the prosecution is likely to use. Once hired, a skilled attorney can seek out and review any police reports, 911 calls, and notes from responding officers to get a clear picture of what allegedly happened and why an arrest was made. Taking photographs of the scene and looking into social media posts made by the parties allegedly involved can be useful as well.

    Is Preserving Evidence Important?

    It may also be important to have an attorney file a motion to preserve certain evidence. For example, surveillance footage from a nearby building could be exculpatory, but only if it is not destroyed before it can be admitted as counterevidence. Even the booking and processing a defendant went through after being arrested could be crucial, since police failing to follow proper procedures when performing these tasks may make a charge null and void.

    Regardless of the specific methods a lawyer uses, the most important quality someone contesting a disorderly conduct charge should have is tenacity. These charges can have significant and serious consequences for convicted parties, so it is usually critical that they retain legal counsel that can tirelessly protect their rights and best interests.

    Darien Legal Counsel Could Help with a Disorderly Conduct Case Defense

    Hiring skilled legal representation can make all the difference in how your case plays out and ultimately resolves. Call Mark Sherman Law today to speak with a legal professional about how best to defend yourself in your Darien disorderly conduct case.