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    Darien Disorderly Conduct Investigations

    Because of the potential of DCFs involvement, it is in your best interest to take Darien disorderly conduct investigations seriously. To give yourself a fighting chance in court, contact a top defense lawyer who can help you fight your charges or advocate for alternative sentencing.

    Arrests Based on Disorderly Conduct Investigations

    Whether it constitutes domestic violence or not, disorderly conduct is defined the same way under Connecticut state law. According to Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-182, disorderly conduct entails someone recklessly or intentionally causing someone else to suffer “inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm,” usually through some physical act of violence, obstruction, or intimidation.

    Disorderly conduct charges both related to domestic violence and unrelated to domestic violence may result from a police officer making an arrest based on probable cause after being summoned by a 911 call. However, the former type may alternatively result from a prolonged investigation, during which law enforcement officers may speak to alleged witnesses, document video and audio footage, examine physical marks and injuries, and then use that evidence to obtain a warrant for someone’s arrest.

    Just like with all other criminal offenses in Connecticut, though, an arrest for disorderly conduct is not the same as a conviction, even if it results from a warrant signed by a judge. An experienced attorney can help an you examine the evidence gathered against you during a Darien disorderly conduct investigation and potentially contest its admission into court.

    Will DCF Become Involved After a Disorderly Conduct Accusation?

    An instance of disorderly conduct that involves a housemate, family member, partner, or spouse is typically classified as domestic violence. If someone is arrested for any domestic violence offense in a residence where minor children were present at the time, Connecticut state law requires that the Department of Children and Families investigate the incident.

    The first stage of this investigation usually occurs within 48 hours in the form of a visit to the residence in question from a DCF investigator. The purpose of this initial visit is to confirm the health and safety of minors present in the household and examine the overall safety of the structure. Following this, a more intensive DCF investigation into the party accused of disorderly conduct and the education and care of their children may proceed for at least 45 and up to 90 days.

    How Serious Are These DCF Investigations?

    An investigation of a household considered be a low risk is known as a Family Assessment Responses, whereas households and people thought to present a more serious risk to minors may be the subject of a Full Investigation. Either way, DCF investigators may not advise the parties they investigate of all their legal rights and may encourage them to sign “Safety Plans” that, if violated, could lead to prosecution in court. For these and many other reasons, it is generally best to retain legal counsel as soon as possible after being arrested for disorderly conduct in Darien, ideally before any ensuing investigation begins.

    Darien Attorneys Could Help Prepare for Disorderly Conduct Investigations

    Being investigated by either Darien law enforcement or the DCF following a disorderly conduct arrest does not necessarily mean you are going to jail. That being said, it is extremely important to take these investigations seriously and respond to them appropriately, since an ill-timed misstep could indeed have serious criminal consequences for you.

    A knowledgeable disorderly conduct lawyer could provide guidance and support throughout any investigative process you undergo in Darien. To schedule an initial consultation, call Mark Sherman Law today.