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    Role of a Darien Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

    Attorneys have varying strengths and concentrations. Therefore, it could be considered critical to have a better understanding of the role of a Darien disorderly conduct lawyer before beginning your case. An experienced disorderly conduct attorney can help you prepare a defense that aligns with your desired outcome.

    Defendant Cases vs. Accuser Cases

    The role of a Darien disorderly conduct lawyer is to not only represent defendants. Sometimes they represent alleged victims in domestic violence cases. An accuser might hire an attorney to represent their interests in a case. What an attorney can do for accusers is go to court on their behalf on the day of the defendant’s court date and make a statement to the judge about the their position.

    Accusers like to hire a private attorney because they are typically conflicted. If they are in a romantic relationship or any sort of relationship with the person arrested, they might feel guilty. Even if it is an abusive relationship, they feel like it is their fault this person is in trouble.

    What is the Role of An Attorney for the Accuser?

    An attorney for the alleged victim can also go to court and represent to the judge what the accuser wants. If they do not want a protective order that stops them from speaking, they can make an argument to the judge about why the person should be allowed to speak and reconcile. If the accuser never wants to see or speak to the defendant again, attorneys go into court and protect the alleged victim and make sure that the defendant has no contact with them.

    It also plays into the protective order hearing. The defense attorney could make an argument as to why the least restrictive protective order should be entered into and the accuser’s advocate will typically be making an argument about why the most restrictive protective order should be entered into. This also comes up with children. Attorneys can be hired to represent children, although they are not guardian ad litem.

    What is Ad Litem in Disorderly Conduct Cases?

    Ad litem may not be considered part of a role of a Darien disorderly conduct lawyer. A guardian ad litem is someone typically appointed by the judge to protect the minor’s interests. Usually, a parent will serve as a guardian ad litem, not under that term, but they are there to protect the child. If the defendant is the parent, they cannot be unbiased in this scenario, so that is when a judge would appoint a guardian ad litem to protect the child. They would be appointed at the request of the defendant.

    It is also important when representing the defendant because if a divorce is involved or there is some sort of relationship that is acrimonious, they will pit the children against the defendant parent. Attorneys will ask the judge for a guardian ad litem who will sit down with the children separately and make sure that their interests are represented to the court and not just the interest of the parent who feels a certain type of way about the defendant. The guardian ad litem is not necessarily an attorney, but they receive special training and are appointed by judges in the court’s discretion. Guardians could be appointed as the guardian ad litem.

    Where Do Disorderly Behavior Cases Take Place?

    Darien domestic violence and disorderly conduct arrests go to Stamford Court. Darien domestic violence arrests go to Stamford Superior Court located at #123 Hoyt Street in Stamford. The important thing to include is that Family Relations is on the third floor. The courtroom is on the first floor. One can refer to it as the arraignment courtroom. The Office of the Bail Commissioner is located in the basement.

    What It Means to Speak With a Family Relations Officer

    It is important to be careful when speaking to a family relations officer because that officer can make recommendations to the judge that the person complete additional counseling. It can be imposing on a person’s schedule. Sometimes defendants that are the sole providers for their families get roped into doing all this additional counseling and end up missing a lot of work, jeopardizing their employment because of the court-imposed counseling. These conditions can be detrimental to someone’s career. Therefore, benefitting from the role of a Darien disorderly conduct lawyer can make a difference in your case.