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    Disorderly Conduct Penalties in Darien

    When it comes to understanding Disorderly Conduct penalties in Darien, there is no substitute for guidance from a seasoned legal professional who has handled charges like this on behalf of dozens of defendants just like you. With support from a dedicated criminal defense attorney, you would have the best chances possible of securing a favorable case resolution without having to worry about long-term repercussions from criminal or family court.

    Criminal Sanctions for a Disorderly Conduct Conviction

    Disorderly Conduct is categorized under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-182 as a class C misdemeanor. A conviction under this section of state law carries a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail, a $500 fine, or both at the same time at the court’s discretion. These penalties remain the same regardless of the specific way in which a defendant violated the statute.

    While Connecticut does have persistent offender laws that allow for enhanced penalties in the event someone is convicted of the same offense multiple times, those laws generally only apply to felonies of a serious, dangerous, and/or sexual nature. However, as any experienced defense attorney could affirm, the most substantial penalties for Disorderly Conduct offenses in Darien often come from outside criminal court.

    When is Disorderly Conduct Considered Domestic Violence?

    If someone in Darien specifically engages in Disorderly Conduct which targets or affects a current or former spouse, intimate partner, relative, or housemate, their ensuing penalty charge may be classified as domestic violence. While this does not allow for any enhanced sanctions following a conviction in criminal court, it will dramatically change the structure and long-term impact of certain pre-trial procedures.

    Rather than waiting a few days or weeks for arraignment, individuals accused of domestic violence disorderly conduct will almost always have their first court appearance scheduled on the next business day. To learn more about domestic violence arrests, click here.

    What Happens If I Contact the Other Party?

    If you’ve been arrested for disorderly conduct, you should not reach out to the other party until you’ve had a chance to talk to an attorney. Police will impose conditions of release, which often contain no contact provisions. Violations of these conditions is a separate criminal offense.

    Further, if your arrest is classified as domestic violence, the court may impose a protective order against the defendant that will last until their criminal trial, at which point the order may be allowed to expire or extended at the court’s discretion.

    Discuss Disorderly Conduct Penalties with a Darien Attorney

    A knowledgeable attorney’s assistance could prove vital to ensuring that your disorderly conduct penalties in Darien do not unfairly affect your future prospects. Click here to read our 300+ reviews on, and call today for a confidential consultation.