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    Darien DUI Drug and Alcohol Interactions

    The mixing of drugs and alcohol can complicate the way a DUI case is prosecuted in Darien especially if the case gets in front of a jury. In this situation, a toxicologist or other medical professional may be able to explain the impact of Darien DUI drug and alcohol drug interactions. An experienced DUID lawyer may want to hire an expert witness or toxicologist who can explain to the jury why this interaction would not render the defendant intoxicated or impaired.

    Severity of DUID Penalties

    Darien DUI drug and alcohol interactions may not statutorily make the penalties more serious than a regular impaired offense. There is no statute that says if a person has both drugs and alcohol in their system they will spend more days in jail. That is something that the Prosecutor or Judge would not like, and may want extra time or extra penalties within the same range just for the fact both alcohol and drugs were in their system.

    How do Safely Prescribed Drugs end in a DUID Charge?

    Someone can face a DUID charge if they have mixed prescription drugs and a drink and they are impaired. This level of impairment means that they are not able to drive as a reasonable driver, even if the BAC tests low at the 0.02 or 0.03.

    People may not be aware of the reaction they might have to a drug or realize the interaction of drugs with alcohol. When the drugs and alcohol are mixed together, it could have the effect of being true intoxication even if they have not consumed much alcohol.

    How Authorities Prove Impairment

    Because of the Standardized Field Sobriety Test and the Chemical Test, they also do observations as well interacting with the person. The more they interact with the person, the more evidence they can obtain if the person is intoxicated. The Officers will ask simple questions while they try to get their license and registration out.The officer wants to test the individual’s ability to split their attention and answer the question properly, as well as provide the required documents.

    Importance of an Attorney

    An individual definitely wants someone who can handle the Court process from start to finish and the Department of Motor Vehicle process, if the person’s license is suspended. It is important to have someone who has done these cases before and knows the best strategies, to either get the DUI dismissed or get the best possible disposition under the circumstance. An attorney can help you prove that you are a reasonable and safe driver and that if you were under the influence, you were unaware of the consequences of Darien DUI drug and alcohol interactions.