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    Darien DUI Drug Tests

    The most common Darien DUI drug test that can be administered to detect drug impairment would be a urine sample. This is sent to a lab for testing to see if there are any drugs present.

    These tests can often be very nuanced, and the results can severely impact the penalties the individual may face if convicted of the crime. To better understand the complexities surrounding a Darien DUI drug test and how to best defend against it, it is important to consult with an experienced DUI drug attorney in Darien as soon as possible.

    Over-the-Counter Drugs

    The discovery of a substance that resulted from an individual’s Darien DUI drug tests depends on a variety of factors. For example, with allergy medication, it depends mostly on the ingredients within the medication.

    For instance, there are active ingredients in Benadryl that might come up in a small amount if the person has recently taken it. Otherwise, the test would specifically look for THC, cocaine, or specific illicit drugs. The lab is not looking for over-the-counter drugs in most instances.

    Discoverable Drugs

    A lot of marijuana, and sometimes heroin and cocaine, are often found in an individual’s Darien DUI drug tests.

    Further, prescription drugs, narcotics, and other opiates may be found in a person’s drug tests. Xanax, Percocet, or medications along those lines can be found in an individual’s Darien DUI drug test.

    The typical turnaround time at the lab is several weeks for the results of a Darien DUI drug test.

    Refusal of the Test

    Someone can refuse to take the standardized field sobriety tests in Darien if they wish. They may also refuse to submit to any chemical tests. It is the person’s right to not have to submit to any sort of testing if they do not wish to.

    However, the refusal of such tests will be noted and properly dealt with when processing an individual’s DUI drug case in Darien. The refusal may impact the suspension of the person’s license and the consequences that go along with that.

    Accuracy of the Test

    The drug testing in Darien is very accurate as far as establishing the amount of a certain drug that is in someone’s system at the time.

    Even though the tests can ascertain the level of a certain drug in someone’s system, they cannot reveal how impaired someone is. In Connecticut, there is no specific level of marijuana that would make someone statutorily driving over the limit.

    The law is vague in its criteria on how to interpret those test results, and there are a few different schools of thought on how those test results can show that someone is actually impaired or under the influence to the point that they should not be driving.

    There can be false positives, as well. There can be issues in the lab where the sample was contaminated or was not handled by the right lab procedures, and it gives an incorrect result.

    The accuracy of such Darien DUI drug tests can be effectively challenged in court to help lessen or dismiss any potential penalties an individual may be facing.