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    Darien DUI Plea Agreements

    Typically, the original plea at an individual’s arraignment would be not guilty. At this point, the case is new and the attorney may not have all the relevant reports yet. It is often premature to plead guilty at an arraignment. How an individual pleads, along with how a case progresses, can determine the circumstances surrounding a potential plea agreement.

    To best understand the role of a plea agreement in your Darien DUI case, it is imperative to consult with an attorney immediately. A knowledgeable DUI attorney in Darien can build a case to help ensure a successful outcome on your behalf.

    What Does a Guilty Plea Mean in a DUI Case?

    A guilty plea means that the case is over. Typically, the guilty plea would come with a punishment that would be agreed upon between the prosecutor, the defense attorney, and the defendant. The plea would also have to be accepted by the judge.

    The person cannot continue to argue their case after pleading guilty. That ends the court aspect of the case for all purposes.

    While at some point in the case, it might be advisable to plead guilty, depending on the person’s record and depending on the evidence the state has, an attorney would never advise doing it at the first court date. The circumstances of a plea agreement in a Darien DUI case can be best explained by a knowledgeable lawyer.

    Advising a Guilty Plea

    There might be a time where the defense attorney is able to work out a good disposition where a guilty plea is fair. This may be accomplished by considering the evidence the state has or the person’s past record. Further, an individual may be able to avoid jail or a more serious conviction by pleading guilty.

    There definitely would be circumstances where, as part of a plea negotiation, it is a good idea to plead guilty in a Darien DUI case. This is especially true if the punishment is much lighter than if the person were to be found guilty at trial.

    What is The Pretrial Alcohol Education Program?

    In Connecticut, there is no program that follows the guilty plea. It is possible for the person to apply for the pretrial alcohol education program, but that program does not involve a guilty plea or probation in Connecticut.

    The alcohol education program is a pretrial diversionary program that does not require a plea. That is something that a person can do at the first court date. They can submit that application, and the case could be scheduled for a hearing to see whether they are granted access to the program.

    Pleading No Contest

    Pleading no contest is sometimes an option. A lot of times, it comes down to whether the prosecutor and the judge are both willing to accept the nolo plea. Pleading no contest in a DUI case means that the person recognizes that the state probably has enough evidence to convict them.

    Even though the person is maintaining their innocence, they are recognizing that if they fought the case and went to trial, they would probably be found guilty. They will plead no contest, and that way, the case enters as a conviction on their record, but it cannot be used against them for any future civil lawsuits.

    Arraignments of Darien DUIs

    A lot of people want to prove their innocence or tell their side of the story at their arraignment. Unfortunately, this is a bit premature, because the defense attorney often does not have all of the evidence they need.

    If the person does not have an attorney, they should not be talking about the allegations until they run everything they are going to say by a lawyer. This is because they might accidentally incriminate themselves by trying to prove their innocence. A lawyer can help structure a plea deal in a person’s Darien DUI case when they are faced with such a decision.