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    Darien DUI Blood Tests

    Although breathalyzers are the most common way Darien police officers determine impairment in a DUI, they may request a blood sample in some cases. The most common circumstance is when there is an accident and someone is taken to the hospital. The blood is usually drawn as part of the routine treatment and then the officers will submit a search warrant to receive a copy of the blood test results. Blood tests are almost always done at a hospital by a medical professional.

    If you took Darien DUI blood tests and were charged with a DUI, you should hire an experienced DUI lawyer as soon as possible. A top defense attorney could stand by your side, speak on your behalf, and help craft an effective defense.

    How Accurate Are Blood Tests for Alcohol?

    The blood tests for Blood Alcohol Content (“BAC”) are relatively accurate, but they are not as accurate as the breathalyzer in most scientific opinions. The reason for that is when a blood test is taken, the data is a serum blood alcohol level which has to be converted into the blood alcohol content percentage. Due to that conversion, there is sometimes a very small margin of error. Despite that margin of error, these tests are accepted by the court and the prosecutor as accurate.

    Accuracy of Blood Tests for Drugs

    A toxicologist is required to determine what the levels mean in drug blood test results. They are less accurate in that the level of drug impairment will be dependent upon several things. For example, someone who smokes marijuana on a regular basis with a certain reading may be less impaired than someone who is smoking marijuana for the first time and has a very same reading. In many instances, to be accurate, a medical professional or toxicologist will be needed to interpret those numbers for that specific situation and take into account the specific facts of that case.

    Do Darien Police Officers Prefer Blood Tests?

    Typically, if a person is able to either render a breath test or a urine sample, then they could choose either one of two tests, rather than the blood test. In Connecticut, there are not a lot of officers trying to force people to have Darien DUI blood tests because their first choices are the breathalyzer and then the urine sample closely following that.

    Can I Challenge the Blood Test Results in Connecticut?

    Especially in cases where someone is accused of a drug DUI, an experienced defense attorney will typically hire their own toxicologist who can interpret the results in light of the specific circumstances of that person. For example, a toxicologist could put the blood test results in perspective given the history the accused individual has with substances or alcohol, or anything else to try to show that the level does not necessarily mean that the person was impaired.

    Contact a Top Darien DUI Attorney

    If you were accused of a DUI and given a blood test, a CT criminal defense lawyer could help. The best attorneys know that Darien DUI blood tests can pose challenges in court for the unprepared. Call an experienced Darien DUI lawyer today.