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    Receiving Medical Attention Following a Darien DUI

    Usually, a person will receive medical attention following an accident that occurred prior to a DUI arrest in Darien. An individual often has to go to the hospital unrelated to their DUI, but rather to treat any injuries that occurred as a result of their accident.

    If the individual is transported to the hospital, law enforcement will often draw blood and receive a warrant at a later date to test that blood to determine an individual’s BAC.

    Before any further legal steps are taken, an individual will often receive medical attention following their Darien DUI arrest. If you have been charged with such a crime and are seeking legal representation, it is imperative that you consult with a knowledgeable DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

    How Does Law Enforcement Determine the Need for Medical Attention After a DUI?

    To determine if an individual needs medical attention, law enforcement will first talk to them. Further, an officer could also either see a physical injury on the individual, or if a person is complaining or asking for medical attention an officer will certainly call an ambulance.

    However, if the person was too intoxicated to request medical attention or tell the officer that they need medical attention following a Darien DUI, officers can request it on their behalf and have them evaluated to make sure they are okay.

    Not Receiving Attention

    If an individual did not receive medical attention, there is a chance that they do not have a BAC reading, especially if they also did not submit to a breathalyzer.

    If a person needed medical attention or was asking for medical attention and the police officers refused to give it to them, that could be helpful when building a defense. An experienced lawyer could see if there was anything wrong with the way the individual was processed or whether their rights were violated by not getting them the medical attention they needed following a Darien DUI.

    Can I Refuse Medical Care After a DUI?

    In most cases, an individual can refuse to receive medical attention following a Darien DUI. However, this generally only occurs unless something goes wrong or the individual is so intoxicated that they do not understand what they are refusing.

    In some instances, depending on the injury, law enforcement can force the individual to get medical attention following their Darien DUI. However, this is rare if the individual was insistent on refusing attention.

    Benefit of a Lawyer

    An experienced DUI lawyer in Darien could greatly help an individual prepare to face their charge. If they go to the hospital and get blood drawn, for instance, they might not get arrested right away because law enforcement is waiting for a warrant to get the results of the blood analysis.

    In this situation, the individual may actually have a bit more time to hire a DUI lawyer who can help facilitate the warrant and begin the legal process. An experienced attorney can understand the medical treatment that was given to an individual following a Darien DUI, and asses that to determine if any defenses may arise from such treatment.