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    Darien Ex Parte Protective Orders

    Darien ex parte protective orders are emergency protective orders that are initially put into place by the Police Department. The police have the same options as courts to put a full no-contact protective order, a residential stay-away protective order, or a partial protective order in place when they make an arrest.

    If you are a party involved in a protective order, you could benefit from qualified legal representation. The best CT attorneys understand that domestic violence allegations are emotional for everyone involved, and they could lend a sympathetic ear while working towards an optimum defense. Call today to get started.

    What Does Ex Parte Mean?

    Ex parte means emergency. If there is no time to have a hearing on a protective order but there is a chance that an individual might be harmed, the police or even the civil court could put an emergency protective order in place until the court has a chance to have a hearing on it. It is considered an ex parte order because the court has not had a chance to rule on the order and the parties have not had a chance to have a hearing.

    The ex parte nature of a protective order means the order is only temporary. After a hearing, a judge could put a new protective order in place that has different conditions.

    Ex Parte Order Restrictions

    Child custody or visitation rights might be implicated in Darien ex parte protective orders because they typically would not be considered. If a person has a right to visit their child and an ex parte protective order is put into place, they relinquish those visitation or child custody rights until they have a chance to have a hearing.

    Any online activity that reaches out to the protected party could be restrained if the protective order is a full no-contact. It would include text messaging, reaching out via Facebook, Instagram, or any social media account, and even contact through a third party.

    Violence Against Women Act

    The Violence Against Women Act was put into place in response to domestic violence or dating violence against women in Connecticut. The act affected the protective order process in Darien, because it gives harmed individuals more resources and opportunity to represent themselves in court. For example, injured people of domestic violence have access to the victim advocate in court to help them express their concerns. Otherwise, they may not have a voice in court.

    This Act is taken seriously by Darien courts because an injured person’s rights are extremely important in Connecticut. The Act is treated like legal protection for people who were previously unprotected. It also gets the individual other resources and agencies that could protect them and help them stay out of harm’s way.

    Let a Darien Protective Order Attorney be Your Advocate

    If you face accusations of domestic violence, you may be concerned about the impact Darien ex parte protective orders will have on your life. Thankfully, a seasoned defense attorney could help ease your concerns. In addition to answering your questions, a domestic violence attorney could work towards a positive resolution of your case. Call today to schedule a consultation.