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    Expunging Darien Protective Orders

    A criminal record can cause serious damage to your personal and professional reputation, especially if your conviction is for a domestic violence offense such as violating a protective order. Fortunately, expungement or pardons may be available in some cases. To determine if expunging Darien protective orders is an option in your situation, consult with a top protective orders attorney.

    Expunging a Criminal History

    If a defendant is interested in having their criminal conviction history expunged, they will need to apply for a pardon with the Connecticut Board of Pardons and Paroles. The process consists of a lengthy application, and many people rely on a skilled attorney to handle the application on their behalf. It is also important to determine whether or not a defendant is eligible for an expungement prior to submitting an application.

    A protective order might not be expunged following the conclusion of a domestic violence case or the dismissal of a protective order if a defendant pleads guilty to a violation of a criminal protective order charge, or if a defendant is found guilty of this charge at trial.

    What Happens if a Case is Dismissed?

    If a court dismisses and erases a defendant’s violation of a criminal protective order case, the court and arrest records will be automatically erased 20 days after the dismissal of the criminal case. Any time a criminal case is dismissed, the defendant does not need to submit any additional evidence in order to remove the protective order. The protective order will be erased and expunged by operation of law.

    Removing an Arrest Report from the Internet

    A person may be eligible to have their arrest report removed from the internet once their criminal case is erased and dismissed in the Stamford Superior Court. However, this can be a difficult process. An individual should speak to a Darien internet scrub attorney before trying to contact an online publication themselves. Typically, if a person is denied by a publication, it is difficult for an attorney to receive a different response later. Publications tend to be more receptive to demand letters from attorneys for the removal of the content.

    Erasing an Arrest Record After a Nolle Prosequi

    When the Court enters a nolle prosequi in a Darien protective order violation case, the court is declining to prosecute the charge. Although the charge is no longer being prosecuted by the Court, the case will not be expunged and erased for 13 months following a nolle in a Darien protective order violation case. In contrast, when a case is dismissed, it is automatically expunged and erased by the Stamford Superior Court.

    Contact a Darien Protective Orders Attorney Today

    If you were subject to a protective order, you may be worried about the impact an arrest or conviction record could have on your life. Fortunately, you may have options available to help protect your reputation. An experienced attorney could fully explain the process of expunging Darien protective orders and help you put together a strong pardon application. They could also advise and assist with the process of removing your information from the internet. Call Mark Sherman Law today for more information.