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    Types of Darien Protective Orders

    If you were charged with a domestic violence offense in Connecticut, you may have had a protective order issued against you. There are several types of Darien protective orders, and understanding your particular order is critical so that you do not inadvertently violate it. If you need help understanding a protective order that you are involved in, get in touch with a top protective order lawyer.

    Types of Protective Orders Available in Darien

    There are three types of protective order available in Darien. The first type of protective order is a full no-contact protective order. This protective order prohibits any contact between the petitioner and the defendant in the case. It also could include a 100-yard stay away in which the defendant may not go within 100 yards to the petitioner. This is the harshest protective order offered in Darien.

    The second protective order is a residential stay away. That protective order stops the defendant from going to the residence or the home of the petitioner in the case, but the defendant and the other person are allowed to have contact outside of their home.

    The third protective order is called a partial protective order. This protective order orders the defendant to not engage in any abusive, threatening, or stalking behavior towards the petitioner.

    Why Might One Type of Protective Order be Given Over Another?

    Judges decide what types of Darien protective orders to issue depending on the facts of the case. If the allegations are more serious, a judge is more likely to put a full no-contact protective order in place. If it is not a serious allegation, they are likely to put a lower online pharmacy ed protective order in place, such as a partial protective order, that allows the parties to continue to have respective contact with one another that does not involve any illegal activities.

    Simultaneous Protective Orders and Restraining Orders

    A person might receive both a protective order and a restraining order if they are arrested and the petitioner files for a restraining order in civil court. The only time a person could have a protective order placed against them is if there is a pending criminal case. A restraining order could be filed with the civil court at any time, and it may be granted or denied by the judge. Sometimes, if a person is arrested and there is a protective order put in place in the criminal court, the alleged victim would go to the civil court and ask for another restraining order. It is typically automatically granted because there is a criminal protective order in place.

    Foreign Protective Orders

    A foreign protection order is a protective order that was issued in a different jurisdiction, such as another state. It is still technically an in-place protective order even if it was not issued in Connecticut. These orders still have to be respected in Connecticut.

    Consult with a Darien Domestic Violence Attorney for Help

    If you are one of the parties in a protective order, it is important to understand all the requirements and restrictions. The best CT domestic violence attorneys understand the types of Darien protective orders and could give you valuable advice. Call an attorney today to discuss your situation and begin working towards a resolution.