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    First-Time Domestic Violence Offenses in Westport

    After an arrest for domestic violence it is important to handle the case carefully and diligently. If you want to efficiently pursue a favorable outcome to your case, your best option is likely seeing counsel from a domestic violence lawyer who knows how to handle situations like yours.

    What is The Connecticut Family Violence Education Program?

    In most cases, the best option for individuals accused of domestic violence crimes who have never been convicted of such an offense before is the Connecticut Family Violence Education Program. This program, which costs $300 and consists of nine classes ranging from an hour to an hour and a half in length, is meant as an alternative sentencing option for people who have no prior domestic violence convictions on their record.

    However, the FVEP is not available to every first-time offender—for example, anyone accused of committing a felony domestic violence offense of class C or higher is not eligible for this program, and people accused of class D felonies must petition the court for admittance based on “good cause.” Assuming an individual is eligible based on their alleged offense, they will still need to pay a $100 application fee and have their application accepted by the court overseeing their case in order to actually participate in the program.

    Once they complete the program, first-time domestic violence offenders in Westport generally are eligible to have their charges dropped sometime between six months and two years following their first FVEP class. However, if a defendant misses even one class during the program, all their progress will be wiped out and they will be removed from participating in the FVEP.

    Can I Get My Arrest Record Off the Internet?

    After successfully completing the FVEP and having your case dismissed, Connecticut’s erasure law says you can swear under oath that the arrest never happened. An attorney can help remove pesky internet articles that can linger and cause harm to your reputation. To learn more, click here.

    Are There Any Other Consequences of Domestic Violence Offenses?

    Criminal sanctions are not the only thing first-time domestic violence offenders need to worry about. Even if they are ultimately not convicted in criminal court, they may be subject to serious consequences in family court, including a restraining order, investigation by the Department of Children and Families, and potentially limitations on where they can go and who they can talk to.

    Sanctions are generally much harsher if a case ends with a conviction, and especially if the allegations against the defendant involved criminal assault or any other felony offense. A skilled domestic violence attorney should be able to help with both sides of a first-time domestic violence offense in Westport, negotiating for minimal criminal penalties while also advocating for a fair ruling in family court that serves the defendant’s best interests.

    Speak with a Westport Attorney About Fighting First-Time Domestic Violence Allegations

    First-time domestic violence offenses in Westport can still be punished by steep fines and prison time under certain circumstances, not to mention severe restrictions on your personal freedom and your right to interact with your family.

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