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    Domestic Violence Investigations in Westport

    Being investigated for suspected domestic violence can be an extremely stressful experience. You may not know what you’re being accused of doing, or why it’s being called domestic violence. Regardless of how you feel about such an investigation, it is crucial that you interact carefully and cooperatively with investigators, as any slip of the tongue or poorly phrased statement could be used against you in criminal and/or family court.

    Handling domestic violence investigations in Westport proactively could be much easier with guidance from a seasoned domestic violence defense attorney. Whether you have been accused of such offenses before or have been in any prior trouble with the law, working with qualified legal counsel could make a huge difference in protecting your rights and preserving your future prospects.

    What Should I Expect During a Domestic Violence Investigation?

    A crime will be considered “domestic violence” if the parties involved are family or household members. Note, however, that family members include those you have had or have a dating relationship with.

    When investigating and prosecuting domestic violence in Westport, the police and the courts look to verify if the crime was committed and to determine whether the defendant poses a risk of future harm to any other family or household members.

    The police and court will be looking for documentary evidence like cell phone logs, emails, and texts. There will also likely be several rounds of interviews with all involved parties so investigators can obtain several testimonies to compare and analyze.

    In addition to the police, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) may become involved.

    How Do I Pursue a Positive Resolution to an Investigation?

    The top priority for anyone in Westport facing an investigation for alleged domestic violence—after retaining experienced legal counsel—should be remaining calm and not attempting to confront investigators or convince them to see things from the defendant’s point of view. Any such actions—or even a poorly worded response to a leading question—could serve as evidence in favor of severe sanctions from DCF or in criminal court.

    At the same time, though, it can be critical to know when to contest certain assumptions by investigators and to avoid offering information when it is not necessary or prudent to do so. Guidance from a knowledgeable attorney can be a big help both with structuring answers to questions from investigators and preserving a future defense strategy.

    Seek Assistance from a Westport Attorney with Handling a Domestic Violence Investigation

    Investigations into alleged domestic violence can be multifaceted and lengthy affairs with very high stakes for multiple parties involved. Even if you are confident you have done nothing wrong, having legal representation on your side could still be vital to making a strong case for yourself and mitigating your chances of long-term repercussions.

    Anyone going through a domestic violence investigation in Westport should strongly consider discussing their rights and options with a capable attorney. Click here to read what past clients have to say about working with us, and then call today to learn more about how we can help you.