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    Westport Child Abuse Lawyer

    If you were accused of child abuse, seek advice and assistance from a knowledgeable Westport child abuse lawyer as soon as possible. Representation from a dedicated criminal defense attorney could protect the rights of everyone involved in criminal proceedings, investigations, and other incidents connected with the allegations.

    What Criminal Charges Stem from Child Abuse?

    Child abuse situations often result in criminal charges. Individuals may be charged with offenses such as:

    Most of these offenses can be charged as felonies, so it is important to take prompt action to collect and preserve evidence to use in your defense. A skilled Westport child abuse attorney could investigate and prepare evidence for use in negotiations or trial.

    Will Anyone Else Investigate Me If There Is An Allegation of Child Abuse?

    Yes. The Department of Children and Families (DCF) plays a key role in many cases of alleged child abuse. Suspected abuse is frequently reported directly to DCF, or reports may be channeled to the department if submitted elsewhere.

    What Happens in a DCF Investigation?

    DCF investigations involve visits to the home and interviews with children without the presence of their parents. In addition, DCF may interview teachers, doctors, neighbors, babysitters, and others who have contact with the children involved.

    Representation from an experienced child abuse lawyer in Westport could protect a family’s rights if an investigation oversteps the bounds of authority. An attorney can also provide advice about whether to answer certain questions or sign statements or agreements proposed by the DCF.

    What is the Definition of Child Abuse in CT?

    The legal definition of child abuse under state statutes is set forth in Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §46b-120. Child abuse may be found when a minor shows signs of “maltreatment” such as lack of proper nutrition or other necessities or having endured sexual molestation or exploitation. A child may also be considered abused if they are injured by means that were not accidental or not properly explained.

    Many reasonable people disagree when discussing whether examples of particular conduct should be considered abuse or neglect on the part of a parent or guardian. If the abusive nature of the conduct at issue in a case is open to interpretation, a child abuse attorney in Westport could make a case supporting a favorable interpretation of the law.

    When Should I Consult a Westport Child Abuse Attorney?

    As soon as possible. Even unfounded accusations of child abuse can cause problems that linger far into the future. It is wise to take action to address these allegations as soon as possible to minimize the harmful consequences to your family.

    A knowledgeable Westport child abuse lawyer could help you build a defense against any charges and protect your interests. To learn more about the advantages of working with an experienced child abuse defense advocate, call Mark Sherman Law for a consultation.