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    Foxwoods Casino Resisting Arrest Lawyer

    Resisting arrest charges at Foxwoods Casino can cause serious damage to your future. An experienced Foxwoods Casino resisting arrest lawyer could ensure you understand the allegations against you and work on your behalf to construct a strong defense strategy for your case.

    What Actions Count as Resisting Arrest?

    Unfortunately, Connecticut state law is vague when it comes to resisting arrest. Generally, when someone is accused of resisting arrest at Foxwoods Casino, they are arrested for a violation of Connecticut General Statutes §53a-167a, which prohibits “interfering with an officer” by obstructing, hindering, or resisting their lawful attempt to perform the duties of their job.

    Because this definition is so vague, there are very few rules about what may justify an arrest under this statute—in most cases, it comes down to the judgement of the officer in question about whether someone is interfering with their duties. Making physical contact with an officer, moving in a way that makes it hard for an officer to keep their grip, refusing to move when ordered to do so, or even arguing with an officer’s instructions could lead to an arrest and subsequent criminal charges under this statute.

    Will I Go to Jail for Interfering with a Cop?

    If convicted of interfering with an officer, a defendant may face penalties commensurate with either a class A misdemeanor or class D felony, depending on whether the defendant’s actions led to someone else—not necessarily just the officer in question—suffering serious injury. As a Foxwoods Casino resisting arrest attorney could explain further, this could lead to maximum sanctions of one year in jail and $2,000 worth of fines, or a five-year prison sentence and $5,000 fine.

    Can I Fight a Resisting Arrest Charge?

    Having access to video footage of an allegedly obstructive encounter is often crucial to effectively contesting charges for resisting charges. In light of that, the expansive security measures that just about every casino on Earth maintains can often work to a defendant’s benefit following an arrest for interfering with an officer at Foxwoods Casino.

    A dedicated defense lawyer could file a subpoena for surveillance footage of the incident that led to a defendant’s arrest and potentially use it to challenge the arresting officer’s recollection of what happened. Since this kind of footage is often erased or taped over relatively quickly, it can be essential to act as quickly as possible when beginning to build a case defense.

    Get Help from a Foxwoods Casino Resisting Arrest Attorney

    Resisting or interfering with a tribal police officer at Foxwoods Resort Casino is a serious matter, as these officers can arrest you for and charge you with all the same criminal offenses that a Connecticut state police officer could.

    A Foxwoods Casino resisting arrest lawyer could go over your options and help you fight your case. Check out the hundreds of reviews from past clients on by clicking this link.