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    Arrests for Operating a Drug Factory at Foxwoods Casino

    What is Operating a Drug Factory?

    Operating a drug factory is a misleading name for this crime, in that arrests often don’t involve what anyone would characterize as a factory. The definition of the crime under C.G.S. § 21a-277(c) involves knowingly possessing drug paraphernalia in a drug factory situation for preparing a controlled substance. If you are found in a hotel room at Foxwoods casino with scales, baggies, large sums of case, and drugs? You could be arrested for operating a drug factory.

    Can I Go to Jail for Operating a Drug Factory?

    Yes. In addition to the felony penalties for operating a drug factory, you could be facing potential charges for other related crimes like possession with intent to sell under C.G.S. § 21a-277, or possession of drug paraphernalia under C.G.S. § 21a-267. A top Foxwoods Casino drug defense lawyer could assess your specific situation to let you know what your maximum exposure is and how best to mitigate against that.

    How Can a Lawyer Help After an Operating a Drug Factory Arrest?

    A lawyer can be an invaluable asset in defending against criminal charges like operating a drug factory. A Foxwoods Casino defense lawyer who has handled similar cases before can get you the treatment you need and that the State likes to see, can assess any downfalls of the arrest, and can begin to discuss a potential deal with the New London court and State’s Attorney’s Office that aligns with your goals for the case.

    Can a Foxwoods Operating a Drug Factory Case Get Dismissed? 

    As the best New London criminal attorney know, a Connecticut drug lawyer may be able to argue that you are eligible for the Pretrial Drug Education Program. This program, if granted and successfully completed will lead to a dismissal of your charges. However, this program is not available to everyone convicted of every drug crime, so the help of a skilled Foxwoods Casino drug defense lawyer could help increase your chances of being granted this program.

    Is Marijuana Illegal in Connecticut?

    Yes and no. Connecticut has decriminalized marijuana meaning if you are found in possession of a small amount of marijuana it is similar to getting a traffic ticket. See C.G.S. § 21a-279a. However, possession of more than ½ ounce of marijuana is a much more serious crime. If there is enough marijuana found in your possession along with paraphernalia that leads the police to believe you are packaging marijuana for sale, you can be charged with operating a drug factory in connection with marijuana.

    Reach Out to an Experienced Connecticut Drug Crimes Lawyer Today.

    After an arrest for operating a drug factory it is important to work quickly, efficiently, and diligently. A Foxwoods Casino drug defense lawyer can help you with your criminal case in New London criminal court. Read the hundreds of 5-star reviews from past clients on here, and then call us at (203) 358-4700 to learn more.