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    Foxwoods Casino Protective Order Lawyer

    While the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Police will be the arresting department for incidents at Foxwoods Casino, all domestic violence arrests and protective orders are prosecuted out of the New London, Connecticut Superior Court and enforceable under Connecticut Law.

    After an arrest at Foxwoods Casino, a skilled casino attorney could help you contest accusations of breaching the terms of your protective order and mitigate potential repercussions. Reach out to a Foxwoods Casino protective order lawyer to learn more.

    How Are Protective Orders Enforced at Foxwoods Casino?

    After an arrest for alleged domestic violence, Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 46b-38c allows for criminal Courts to provide a protective order to the victim for the duration of the criminal case. After conviction, this statute allows the courts to replace the order with a standing criminal protective order. Legal and court precedent holds that any protective orders issued by C.G.S. § 46b-38c are valid and enforceable on all tribal lands within the state’s borders, including the Mashantucket Pequot Nation in which Foxwoods Casino is located.

    Additionally, C.G.S. § 51-5c allows the chief court administrator to share access to the state’s automated protective order registry with all law enforcement authorities, including tribal police. As an experienced defense attorney could explain, this means that, in addition to protective orders remaining enforceable on tribal lands, tribal police at Foxwoods Casino can check whether a protective order is in place against any casino patron they arrest.

    Possible Consequences of Protective Order Violations

    Violating any term of a protective order is a felony offense, arrestable and punishable under C.G.S. § 53a-223. It generally does not matter whether someone violated their order intentionally or inadvertently, especially if they are subject to a full no-contact order. It is important to note that no person protected by such an order may be held criminally liable for requesting, soliciting, or aiding a defendant in violating the order.

    Under most circumstances, this offense is a class D felony that, upon conviction, could allow for maximum sanctions of five years imprisonment and a $5,000 fine. However, the penalties are aggravated if the violation involves any threatening, harassing, assaultive, or sexual behavior, or if any restraint is placed upon a protected party’s liberty. If this is the case, it becomes a class C felony punishable by a maximum 10-year prison term, minimum one-year term, and a maximum $10,000 fine. A qualified defense attorney’s assistance may be vital in minimizing the long-term consequences of an alleged protective order violation at Foxwoods Casino.

    Speak with a Foxwoods Casino Protective Order Attorney Today

    Once a court puts a protective order in place, that order remains legally binding regardless of where you are. Tribal lands are no exception and a failure to understand these parameters could have dire legal repercussions.

    Enlisting the help of seasoned legal counsel could be vital in building a solid defense against such allegations. Reach out to a Foxwoods Casino protective order lawyer today if you are dealing with any issues related to your sanction. The 5-star rated lawyers at Mark Sherman Law can help, give us a call today.