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    Foxwoods Casino Risk of Injury to a Child Lawyer

    Allegations of child endangerment are taken very seriously in Connecticut.  Because of this, contacting a Foxwoods Casino risk of injury to a child lawyer is vital if you have been accused of placing your child in harm’s way on Foxwoods’ premises. A top defense attorney at Mark Sherman Law can work with you to start building your defense today.

    How Do Courts Prosecute Child Endangerment?

    Most of the time, Connecticut police and Mashantucket Pequot tribal police will prosecute parents and guardians accused of child endangerment under one of two statutes. Under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53-21, one of the ways someone can commit “risk of injury to a child” is by willfully allowing or causing any child under 16 to be in a situation that endangers their “life and limb,” or that is likely to injure them physically or impair them emotionally.

    This offense is a Class C felony, meaning a conviction could be punishable by a one to 10-year prison term plus a $10,000 fine. This intentionally broad definition aims to cover various illegal—and sometimes nominally lawful—acts, including:

    • Being charged with reckless driving, a DUI, or a similar offense while a child is in the car;
    • Domestic violence with a spouse or intimate partner while in view of children;
    • Shoplifting, purchasing, or possessing drugs, or committing any other crime while a child is present;
    • Failing to provide appropriate medical care to a child;
    • Engaging in “immoral” conduct around a minor, such as exposing them to pornographic material.

    Leaving a young child unsupervised may be prosecuted either under this statute or under C.G.S. §53-21a, which specifically addresses leaving a child under 12 unsupervised inside a motor vehicle or place of public accommodation. As an attorney serving Foxwoods Casino can further explain, this type of risk of injury to a child is a Class A misdemeanor under most circumstances, but it can become a Class D felony if the place of public accommodation has a license to sell alcohol. Additionally, it may be considered a Class C felony if the child is left alone between eight PM and six AM.

    What Are the Possible Defenses to Child Risk of Injury Allegations?

    The contention at the center of any risk of injury arrest is that a parent or guardian, by virtue of their actions, created a substantial and legitimate risk to their child’s health or morals. Accordingly, building a comprehensive defense against a charge like this often means establishing that the child in question was not in danger of harm or that the child did not witness any allegedly unlawful or irresponsible behavior.

    Similarly, contesting charges pursued under C.G.S. §53-21a often entails proving that the child was not left alone for long enough to pose a substantial risk of injury to themselves or that they were not unsupervised in the first place. Guidance from a knowledgeable attorney serving Foxwoods Casino could be crucial to constructing an effective defense strategy against charges that allege the risk of injury to a child.

    Talk to a Foxwoods Casino Risk of Injury to a Child Attorney Today

    Being charged with any risk of injury offense can have devastating repercussions throughout every aspect of your life. Therefore, the quality of legal representation you enlist could make all the difference in fighting such allegations. Click here to read our over 300 certified client reviews on, and contact a Foxwoods Casino risk of injury to a child lawyer at Mark Sherman Law today to schedule a consultation.