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    Benefit of a Greenwich Disorderly Conduct Attorney

    One thing that makes disorderly conduct charges intimidating is the fact that many times, an arrest could have been avoided. If you have been charged with a reckless behavior charge, contact a distinguished disorderly conduct lawyer. The benefit of a Greenwich disorderly conduct attorney is having someone on your side for charges involving other family members.

    Common Disorderly Conduct Misconceptions

    What usually occurs, is somebody losses control and acts in a very loud or tumultuous manner but does not actually cross the line and hit somebody. If someone is actually hit, an assault charge or perhaps some other related charge that has to do with someone actually making physical contact with another person is imposed. Many people mistakenly believe that even though they possibly acted out of control or in a belligerent way, if they have gained control by the time the police arrive, no arrests would have been be made.

    How is Disorderly Conduct Treated Differently in a Familial Setting?

    Within the family context, the officer does not have the authority to simply leave the situation once everyone has calmed down. If there is evidence that supports a person behaved in disorderly conduct, an arrest must be made. Even in the event of the situation being diffused. Therefore, it is common for someone to be surprised and confused upon being arrested for the crime of disorderly conduct.

    Positive Relations with Law Enforcement

    The first benefit of a Greenwich disorderly conduct attorney is in dealing with law enforcement and the court system. Having an attorney can make the process smoother and less worrisome for the individual going into a system that they likely have no familiarity with. Having the attorney guide them through it and to also shield them from having as much or as little contact with authority figures, such as the prosecutor, judge or police officer, is a possible benefit. Once a person has an attorney involved, the authority figures cannot speak directly to the individual without the attorney and the individual’s consent. Having an attorney act as a buffer in this way can create a sense of protection for many people.

    How Can a Lawyer Help Someone in Court?

    Another benefit of a Greenwich disorderly conduct attorney is assistance with gathering evidence, reviewing the police report and helping the individual understand the legal requirements and whether certain actions meet those legal requirements and if there are legal grounds for having the charges dismissed.

    An attorney can also help the person understands available options based on the actions that led to the disorderly conduct charge and the requirements of law that must be met. An attorney can be very beneficial in helping someone consider all available options. The individual may question whether they should plead guilty, is there a way to get the charge dismissed, do I have to go to trial and an attorney can help make the best possible decision for the most optimal outcome.

    Role of an Attorney in a Domestic Case

    When the case involves family members, the benefit of a Greenwich disorderly conduct attorney’s role is often enhanced because when a disorderly conduct takes place in the family context and domestic violence is possibly involved, the case will take place on a special track within the court called the domestic violence docket. Someone may acknowledge that they committed the disorderly conduct but refutes that any domestic violence occurred.

    Unfortunately, that person would still be on the domestic violence track and have to go through that part of the court system. There are extra layers of responsibilities and units within the judicial system that apply when it is a domestic-related case.

    That does not make it worse or harder to deal with, it just makes it different and there are many other options that could be available to the person to have the charge dropped or dismissed that may not otherwise be available to somebody that gets arrested for disorderly conduct in a non-family context.

    Having an attorney is even more critical in a family context because of these additional layers of procedures but also because of the additional options that could potentially be available to the person such as getting the charges reduced or completely thrown out.