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    Greenwich Disorderly Conduct Investigation

    Greenwich disorderly conduct investigations happen quickly. When an incident of disorderly conduct occurs, the police are responding to a report of someone acting in an aggressive or tumultuous manner and it is usually a situation that is on-going or simply just occurred. Therefore, there is typically not much to investigate because the actual crime is short-lived and usually committed within a short period of time. If you are the subject of a disorderly conduct investigation, retain the services of a qualified disorderly conduct attorney that can help you navigate this process.

    What the Prosecution Must Prove in Disorderly Conduct Cases

    If a disorderly conduct case goes to trial, then the prosecution needs to prove the disorderly conduct beyond a reasonable doubt. The two things that must be proven are the mental state of mind of the defendant and whether they committed one of the seven enumerated actions that are prohibited.

    With the mental state of mind, they have to prove that the person either had the intent to cause inconvenience, annoyance or alarm or that the person, even if they did not specifically want to cause inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, that they acted recklessly in creating a risk that caused another person to feel inconvenience, annoyance or alarm.

    Seven Enumerated Acts

    Greenwich disorderly conduct investigations must prove one of the seven enumerated acts, such as engaging in fighting, or engaging in violent or tumultuous behavior by annoying someone. Annoying someone or interfering with a person via offensive or disorderly conduct also counts as an enumerated act. Annoying people or interfering with unreasonable noise also counts as disorderly conduct.

    It is a combination of things, for example, if they were all combined in one instance, the prosecutor would have to prove that with the intent to cause any inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, the defendant intentionally engaged in violent fighting or violent or tumultuous or threatening behavior to another person.

    Length of an Investigation Prior to Arrest

    Typically law enforcement is present for the occurrence of the disorderly conduct, primarily when it is a non-family situation and the person that is committing the disorderly conduct is out in public. In this type of situation, the Greenwich disorderly conduct investigation will move quickly. With that said, in the family context, the disorderly conduct investigation will typically take longer and the reason is that the police officers have certain protocols in terms of how they conduct the investigation.

    Separating Witnesses as a Part of Greenwich Disorderly Conduct Investigation Protocol

    One of the principles, as part of their protocols, is that they have to separate the members of the family into different rooms. There will usually be more than one officer dividing the family and speaking with each one separately to avoid any kind of intimidation or coercion and to make sure that that the family members are saying whatever it is they believe happened without influence from their other family member.

    In regards to this particular principle, separating witnesses is a very normal event. It is a principle of law enforcement investigations and is a part of most any case but it is much more strictly enforced and carried out in the familial context because of the concern that family members will have more sway or influence over each other when communicating with law enforcement. They want to ensure they get every side of the story from each person and if based on the information received, they believe they have probable cause that somebody has committed a disorderly conduct, they will have to make an arrest of one or multiple family members who are involved in the incident.

    Benefit of a Greenwich Disorderly Conduct Attorney

    If you are the subject of a Greenwich disorderly conduct investigation, seek the services of a skilled disorderly conduct lawyer. Disorderly conduct charges can be overwhelming and can have serious consequences if you are convicted. With the stakes so high, consulting a qualified lawyer can increase the likelihood of a reasonable outcome. You do not have to face this investigation alone. Work with an experienced legal team that can devote the time and resources necessary to build your case.