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    Greenwich Disorderly Conduct Court Treatment

    A disorderly conduct charge is a serious matter, especially within a familial context. The threat of disruptive behavior and the potential escalation of that behavior make it so the consequences of conviction are harsh. By working with a knowledgeable legal advocate, you can learn more about what your expectations should be, and whether you can mitigate the severity of the charges you face. If you want to know more about Greenwich disorderly conduct court treatment, consult a skilled disorderly conduct lawyer that can help.

    Prosecution’s Approach to Court Treatment

    When it comes to Greenwich disorderly conduct court treatment, the prosecution is especially vigilant in building their argument. There are many kinds of evidence that the prosecution might put forth in their disorderly conduct case including:

    • Witness statements
    • Video evidence
    • Audio evidence
    • Physical evidence such a broken or damaged property
    • Photographs of physical evidence

    How Greenwich Courts Treat Disorderly Conduct Cases

    If the offense occurs in a family context, the Greenwich disorderly conduct court treatment is quite serious. That being said, the focus in that scenario is more on assessing the threat level and understanding and making sure that there is a significant period of time in terms of months or up to a year or more in which the person arrested for disorderly conduct is engaged continuously with the court system.

    This is done so that the court and prosecutor and judge can make sure that the person is continuing to refrain from the same type of behavior that led to the arrest in the first place. It is also done to ensure that the accused is doing things to ensure and give comfort to the court and the prosecutor that they are not presenting an ongoing threat or concern to their family member or other people that might have been involved in the incident.

    A non-family case is very similar to a family case with the exception that there is less of a need for a concern of the ongoing safety of other people involved because most of the time the disorderly conduct was between people that do not know each other.

    Length of Court Involvement and Trial Process

    If someone has been charged with disorderly conduct, they should expect involvement within the court system for certainly more than one court appearance. It will likely involve one to five court appearances and could be more. It is rare for a disorderly conduct to be resolved with one court appearance. It typically involves multiple court appearances over the span of six months to two years.

    The accused does not have to go in every day but usually, it is at least on a monthly basis and sometimes longer stretches than that in between these court appearances. They will likely be required to do some sort of anger management or behavioral counseling and this is to show the prosecutor and the court that there is not a continuous threat present by the person that is charged with disorderly conduct.

    Benefit of Seeking Counseling

    For those who hope to soften the severity of their Greenwich disorderly conduct court treatment, seeking counseling can help. It is not an admission of guilt to get counseling or therapy or service but it does give the prosecuting authority and the judge a level of comfort that there will most likely not be a continuous threat of disorderly conduct. Essentially the defendant is looking to show the judge and prosecutors that it was a very isolated incident and one that will not happen again. These types of services are a product of the overall resolution to the case.