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    Greenwich Second-Degree Harassment Lawyer

    Nowadays, harassment charges are frequently caused from the inappropriate use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other applications. It is not uncommon to be arrested for badgering someone online or via text by sending unwanted messages on a regular basis. To learn more about what it is you may be facing for alleged inappropriate behavior either online or in person, contact a Greenwich second-degree harassment lawyer right away. An established harassment attorney can help you fight against the consequences of harassment offenses.

    What Behavior Could Lead to Harassment Accusations?

    In Greenwich, a person can be arrested for harassment in the second-degree in different ways. Making telephone calls to another person in a harassing manner is one type of harassment. When a person threatens someone or uses obscene language toward another, they may be accused of harassment in the second-degree. If they use a computer, email, or any other form of communication such as regular mail to harass another person they can be charged as well.

    Greenwich follows Connecticut law, so there are no Greenwich-specific harassment statutes. Connecticut-specific statutes that apply to harassment in the second-degree may include prohibiting people from threatening others, sending numerous messages to others, reaching out to people with obscenities, or doing any form of communication with the intent to harass another person.

    Second-Degree Harassment Arrest Expectations

    A common scenario of being arrested for harassment in the second-degree is by threat. When an individual threatens another person, they could be arrested for harassment in the second-degree. If someone calls another person multiple times, they could be arrested for harassment in the second-degree. That type of harassment is sometimes associated with a relationship that recently ended and one person calls the other repeatedly.

    When someone is contacted by the Greenwich Police Department or is arrested for harassment in the second-degree in Greenwich, they should not talk to the police without an attorney present. Often, the police try to get both sides of the story. However, until the person speaks with a Greenwich second-degree harassment lawyer, they should not give a statement or any information other than their name and address. They should contact an attorney first and let them determine what is going on and get legal advice from the attorney before going in alone.

    Types of Evidence in a Harassment Case

    The type of evidence used by the prosecution in a second-degree harassment case in Greenwich is the communication between the parties. For example, one party alleges harassment by sending physical letters from the other person and the prosecution has those letters. When the harassment involves multiple phone calls, the prosecution may have the phone records to prove the phone calls.

    Knowing When to Speak With an Attorney

    It is helpful to speak with a Greenwich second-degree harassment lawyer as soon as you are contacted by the police. Sometimes, the police do an ex parte search warrant and they often reach out to the person being accused to see if they want to make a statement.

    It is a good idea for the person to get in touch with a criminal attorney who has experience with harassment in second-degree harassment cases so they can look at what is being alleged to see whether the person should make a statement.

    If the person faces an arrest without prior notice, they should contact an attorney before going into the police station. If one is arrested on site, they should contact an attorney right after their release so that do not go into court by themselves.