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    Greenwich Second-Degree Harassment Investigations

    The police usually conduct a thorough Greenwich second-degree harassment investigations when they first receive a complaint from someone who claims they are being harassed. When the alleged harassment involves social media, online or through telephone, the Greenwich police seek an order of the court to obtain permission to search the IP address or the phone number involved to determine the identity of the person allegedly sending the communication.

    The police might try to interview the person if they believe the individual violated the harassment second-degree statute, they may apply for an arrest warrant and arrest the person. Therefore, a second-degree harassment attorney could help you fight for your rights and reputation throughout this process.

    Defining Probable Cause for Second-Degree Harassment

    Probable cause could be determined in one of two ways. One is when the police show the method by which the communication was sent is harassment. For example, the method could be sending multiple letters to the complaining party or continuously calling the complaining party and harassing them.

    The other way they Greenwich second-degree harassment investigations could possibly prove probable cause is when they believe the content of the communication is threatening in nature to the other person. When a true threat happens, there is no need for multiple occasions because the one occasion gives the authorities probable cause.

    How Important is Evidence in Harassment Cases?

    Importance evidence to provide to the criminal defense attorney includes any communication between the two parties. If the person has access to social media; especially messaging and phone call records, the person should request the phone records from their provider. It may be easier for one to get their own phone records going back three months or use other means to get the records. They should request records for anything on their devices from their phone service provider.

    Preparing Defenses for Second-Degree Harassment Investigations

    When an individual is made aware that the police are investigating them, they should preserve all communications they had with the accuser. That includes text messages, social media interactions, emails, phone records, and anything else related to communication between the two parties. When the criminal lawyer can show that there is no violation of any criminal statute, they may ask that the charges be dismissed. The accuser might take the case into civil court instead, but it may avoid the criminal prosecution.

    Preparing a defense for Greenwich second-degree harassment investigations may take a considerable amount of time. It could be several months up to one or two years before the case goes to trial. However, the criminal defense lawyer needs to prepare a few things immediately. They craft and send a letter to the police department requesting them to preserve any evidence they have. They draft a motion to preserve evidence and have the judge sign the motion to ensure that social media providers and phone record providers preserve evidence.