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    Meeting with a Greenwich Second-Degree Harassment Attorney

    If you have been accused of harassment, an experienced second-degree harassment lawyer could help. Setting up a meeting with a Greenwich second-degree harassment attorney could lead to a more favorable outcome in your case. Call today to get started on your case.

    When Should an Individual First Seek an Attorney?

    An individual should seek legal help as soon as they are made aware that the police are investigating them or have a warrant for their arrest.

    An experienced criminal lawyer could intervene when the police want to take a statement from the accused. The lawyer could help with their statements and ensure they do not say anything that could possibly incriminate themselves any further than the allegations presented.

    How Can Someone Challenge a Second-Degree Harassment Charge?

    A person can challenge their arrest for second-degree harassment in Greenwich, CT. One way to challenge the arrest is if someone is arrested based on speech that should be protected. It is not uncommon that someone says something rude or unwarranted that is not a true threat. The harassment in the second-degree statute is only meant to prohibit speech that is truly threatening. Other than that, speech is protected by the First Amendment. Meeting with a Greenwich second-degree harassment attorney is essential to building a defense and challenging an accusation.

    How Should Someone Prepare to Meet an Attorney?

    When a person is accused of second-degree harassment, they should bring the information they received from the police department, their electronic devices that have communications between the two parties, or a printout of those communications to their initial meeting with the criminal defense attorney. The individual should be prepared to answer questions regarding the timeline of a relationship or anything else that occurred between the accuser and the person being accused. They should give as much background information as possible about any history of harassment and other accusations going both ways.

    What Happens in the Initial Meeting With a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

    The initial meeting with a Greenwich second-degree harassment attorney covers several topics, including:

    • The allegations and information about the allegations up to that point
    • Communications with the police department
    • The timeline up to the accusation
    • Prior arrests, even if those cases were dismissed or had nothing to do with the current accuser or situation

    The person should tell the criminal defense attorney about everything that happened in the past so the attorney could do the best job of representing them.

    When is Communication Between the Parties Acceptable?

    Sometimes in harassment in the second-degree cases, the court in Stamford issues a full no-contact protective order which prohibits all contact between the parties. Even if there is no protective order, most experienced attorneys may advise an individual to not have any contact with the accusing party because it makes things more complicated. They need to be aware that the other party most likely already made one police report about something that lead to their arrest. It is generally not a good idea for the individual to have any communication with the other party that could lead to trouble.

    If the Alleged Victim Asks or the Charges to be Dropped, Will the Prosecution Comply?

    If the alleged victim asks for the charges to be dropped, the question of whether the prosecution complies with the request depends on the specific scenario. If the prosecutor has everything they need to prove the case without the alleged victim’s testimony or statements, there is a chance that they will not drop a case and might want to prosecute it. Once an arrest is made, the State of Connecticut can continue to prosecute any case, regardless of the alleged victim’s wishes.

    If you have been accused of second-degree harassment, it is important that you reach out to an attorney. Meeting with a Greenwich second-degree harassment attorney as soon as possible could help you build the best possible defense.