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    Greenwich Drug Lawyer

    While there has been an effort in recent years to reduce the penalties associated with the possession of drugs, these charges are still treated seriously by the Courts and law enforcement, especially if a person is doing something more than just possessing the drugs. Depending on the nature of the controlled substance and the circumstances, a person may face felony charges, and a mandatory prison sentence.

    The laws regarding controlled substances are complex, so it is crucial for anyone facing drug charges to understand both the offense involved and the legal implications—both of which a dedicated criminal attorney could help you with. A knowledgeable Greenwich drug lawyer could explain the relevant laws and your legal options and help you fight for an optimal outcome in your case.

    What is a Controlled Substance?

    Connecticut General Statutes §21a-243(c) defines a “controlled substances” as any substance that has a “stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogenic effect” on the body’s central nervous system and may cause dependence or result in abuse. These controlled substances are classified into several specific types, including:

    • Amphetamines
    • Barbiturates
    • Cannabis products
    • Cocaine-based
    • Hallucinogenic
    • Morphine-based

    These classifications are further divided depending on the likelihood of abuse and whether the substance serves a legitimate medical purpose.

    When a substance is classified as dangerous, penalties for possessing, manufacturing, selling, and transporting the substance are higher. Anyone unsure of what substances are considered dangerous may wish to communicate with an attorney in Greenwich to learn more about various drug classifications.

    Types of Drug Offenses in Greenwich

    Some of the more common drug offenses charged in Greenwich include:

    What Is Considered During a Conviction For a Drug Charge?

    Penalties may vary substantially based on the controlled substance, the quantity, prior drug-related convictions, and whether dependency on the part of a charged person is proven.

     Working with a Greenwich Drug Attorney

    In cases involving controlled substances, a small finding of fact can have a tremendous impact. For instance, if law enforcement officials deem the quantity of a substance found in your possession to be excessive, they may assume an intent to distribute. This could potentially impact the charges you face, even if there was no intention to distribute the substance.

    It is important to ensure that the facts of your case are investigated thoroughly in order to protect your rights. A Greenwich drug lawyer who has handled a wide variety of controlled substance cases could provide guidance through the various legal processes involved with your charge, as well as a steadfast ally to fight in court on your behalf. If you find yourself facing difficult drug charges, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation and begin working on your case today.