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Operating a Drug Factory in Greenwich

A drug factory in Greenwich, Connecticut is defined broadly. It is something that a lot of experienced defense attorneys have tried to fight because the statutes could be vague. A drug factory in the statute is described as any place that could be used for manufacturing, processing, packaging, distributing, or storing any illegal substance. The common misconceptions about the definition of a drug factory include that people think it is an actual factory. They think it is a big place that has procedures in place to process these drugs when in reality any place could be a drug factory. Even someone’s bedroom that has paraphernalia, drugs, and packaging equipment could be considered a drug factory under Connecticut law. If an individual has been charged with operating a drug factory in Greenwich, they should consult a determined defense attorney that could advocate for them and guide them through the process.

The Commonness of Operating a Greenwich Drug Factory

The manufacturing of drugs occurs in Greenwich because there is a market for drugs. There are a lot of younger teenagers as well as people in their early twenties congregating in different areas, so it is a market for drug trafficking. Additionally, in Connecticut marijuana is technically legal. If a person is caught with less than a half ounce of marijuana, it is a violation and not typically a crime. Because of that more people are willing to buy it, meaning that there is more demand for it. Since more people who are willing to buy it and there is more demand for it, more people are packaging it and preparing it for distribution.

Additionally, Greenwich is a big town with a large population. There are a lot of hospitals and doctors. The fact that all of those things exist increase the chance that people would use prescription drugs or even manufacture their own designer drugs or prescription drugs that are intended to mimic real drugs.

Treatment of Operating a Drug Factory Offenses

Operating a drug factory offense is treated seriously in Greenwich. A lot of times operating a drug factory in Greenwich charge is added to the charges of someone accused of selling drugs. If they are accused of selling any drugs, they are going to get charged with possessing the drugs, possessing it with the intent to sell it, and selling it if they are caught selling it. Also, the police often add operating a drug factory offense if they find it in the person’s home, in their vehicle, or any other place that they have to package the drugs. It gets treated harshly because the police officers see it as going after drug dealers and not just someone who is using drugs for personal use. Whether or not that is true is a different story, but that is how they look at it.

Typically, local prosecutors treat marijuana factory charges differently from other substance-related charges. While they still treat a marijuana factory charge seriously, they do not view marijuana as dangerous of a drug as things like narcotics, fentanyl, and heroin. Because of that, it is not quite as worrisome of Stamford prosecutors as with are other drugs. However, they do still take it seriously.

Laws or Practices That Could Impact an Operating a Drug Factory Case

There are no local laws or practices that could affect an operating a drug factory in Greenwich case. Greenwich typically follows Connecticut laws. The factors that make operating a drug factory statute complicated include that the statute is vague. The definition of a drug factory could include any place where there is any kind of packaging or any kind of drug paraphernalia. It adds on another felony charge for someone who is already going to be charged with possession with intent. It does not add too much to it. They get charged because when a statute is as vague and as broad as this one, it is hard to fight. In a lot of cases, there is no ability to prove definitively that the person was not in violation of the statute.

Consulting a Greenwich Drug Attorney

The first thing a person should know about operating a drug factory in Greenwich is that it is a felony offense. They may not be sure what it exactly means, but it is an unclassified felony in Connecticut. The second thing is that the police could charge someone for just having a couple of little piece of the paraphernalia along with the drugs. They do not have to have a giant operation to be charged. The third thing is that it is not just a drug possession offense. It often comes hand in hand with someone charged with possession with intent to sell. If someone is being charged operation of a drug factory, it means the police and the States Attorney’s Office in Stamford think the person is a drug dealer and not just someone who uses drugs. An attorney could help reduce the impact of operating a drug factory charge by showing the prosecutor and the judge that the person accused is not selling drugs and is not packaging them to be sold but using them for personal use. If an individual has been charged with an operating a drug factory offense, they should consult a lawyer that could fight and build a solid defense for them.