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    Greenwich Operating a Drug Factory Lawyer

    When you hear the term “operating a drug factory” you are probably thinking about a big warehouse with lots of people with gloves and face masks doing preparing massive amounts of drugs for resale on the streets.  However, the reality is that the crime of operating a drug factory is often charged in Greenwich in situations that are much smaller and where no sales or commercial enterprise are involved at all.

    Operating a drug factory is a felony charge.  But, because of the way the laws are written, you may be unfairly charged with the extremely serious offense of operating a drug factory in cases where this offense is not applicable. If you are facing this charge, it could be wise to work with an experienced drug attorney. A Greenwich operating a drug factory lawyer who could explain the full implication of your charges and build a strong defensive strategy could be the ally you need to bring about a positive resolution to your case.

    How Does the Law Define Operating a Drug Factory?

    C.G.S. § 21a-277(c) makes it illegal to: “knowingly possess drug paraphernalia in a drug factory situation… for the unlawful mixing, compounding or otherwise gany controlled substance….”

    That breaks down into two components: (1) knowingly possessing drug g, (2) having a the paraphernalia in a “drug factory situation”.

    C.G.S. § 21a-240 (20)(A) defines “Drug paraphernalia” as any “equipment, products, or materials of any kind” which can be used to a whole range of things to related to the preparation of drugs including planting, growing, processing, packaging, storing, ingesting, or analyzing.  That means a pipe used to smoke a drug, a bag used to hold a drug, or a grinder used to break up a drug can all fall within this definition.

    C.G.S. § 21a-240 (20)(B) defines a “factory” as “any place”, including buildings, rooms, or other “location”, which is used for “manufacturing, mixing, compounding, refining, processing, packaging, distributing, storing, keeping, holding, administering or assembling illegal substances…”  This can include your bedroom, home office, garage, or even your car.

    Because of these definitions, a situation can be considered to involve a drug factory—and thereby necessitate a Greenwich operating a drug factory attorney’s help—when it involves any processing of drugs outside the law. Even the presence of plastic bags and a scale in a dorm room could turn that room into a drug factory, even if there is no solid evidence of how those items were used.

    Operating a Drug Factory vs. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

    The criminal offense prohibited in CGS §21a-267, described as the “use, possession, or delivery of drug paraphernalia,” makes it a class C misdemeanor to possess drug paraphernalia as defined above. However, if that drug paraphernalia is possessed in a “drug factory situation,” the offense becomes a serious felony under CGS §21a-277(c).

    The penalties for violating the class C misdemeanor offense of possession of drug paraphernalia include up to three months in jail and a maximum fine of $500. By contrast, those charged with operating a drug factory face up to seven years in prison for a first offense, as well as the other consequences that come with a felony conviction.

    Because any “location” with certain types of drug paraphernalia can be considered a “factory,” this statute gives police latitude to charge almost anyone possessing drug paraphernalia with the more serious offense of operating a drug factory. If you are concerned about the potential severity of your charges, an operating a drug factory lawyer in Greenwich may be able to help.

    Get in Touch with a Greenwich Operating a Drug Factory Attorney Today

    Drug offenses beyond simple possession are treated very severely by law enforcement officials in Greenwich. Even if the circumstances seem to indicate that a drug offense is minor, the implications can be extremely serious if police charge you with operating a drug factory. As such, it is important to understand the differences between drug crimes in Connecticut and how to best defend against the charges based on the circumstances of your case.

    When you work with a skilled Greenwich operating a drug factory lawyer, your attorney could not only devise a thorough defensive strategy and advocate for you on your behalf, but also explain how to avoid taking actions that could jeopardize your case. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started on your case.