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Greenwich Criminal Mischief Lawyer

As defined by Greenwich law, criminal mischief is damaging the property of someone else without having the right to do so. In Connecticut, there are no vandalism charges, so these offenses are charged as criminal mischief.

If you were arrested for criminal mischief, you should seek the services of a top CT criminal defense attorney. As a Greenwich criminal mischief lawyer knows, the consequences of a conviction can follow someone for the rest of their lives. For the best chance at an optimum outcome to your case, reach out to an experienced attorney today.

Common Examples of Criminal Mischief

Criminal mischief charges can occur when an individual damages or tampers with another person’s property. Creating a risk of damaging tangible property could also lead to a criminal mischief arrest.

Criminal mischief charges frequently accompany other criminal charges. For example, there could be a road rage incident where one person damages another person’s car. In this case, there might be a breach of peace charge along with the criminal mischief charge. Mischief charges also happen often in domestic violence cases. For example, if two people are roommates, married, or related and a fight breaks out, one of them could damage the other person’s property. This could be a basis for a criminal mischief charge along with disorderly conduct or whatever else the person is being charged with.

Enforcement of Criminal Mischief Laws

Criminal mischief laws are enforced regularly and heavily. If police respond to an incident and notice intentional or reckless property damage, they would typically arrest someone for criminal mischief. If a person is being arrested for something else already, the police would add on the charge for criminal mischief. The Greenwich police department and the prosecutors in the Stamford state attorney’s office want to make sure that if there was property damage, the person who owns the property is reimbursed or paid restitution for the damage to their property.

What Happens After an Arrest?

Criminal mischief charges are handled in Greenwich like any other criminal case in that the person is required to go to court on the days that they are given. At that point, their defense attorney would be speaking with the prosecutor to provide more information, perhaps something in defense of the charge. The prosecutor would be letting the defense attorney know what kind of evidence they have in their possession. It would go back and forth with negotiation until the case comes to a resolution.

Criminal Mischief Charge Severity Levels

If someone is accused of damaging a person’s private belongings, the degree of the charge would be based on the value of the item in question. However, if it is alleged that the person caused damage to any electronic monitoring equipment that is owned or operated by the state, it makes it more serious. For example, any damage to a fire alarm system, police alarm system, or any telecommunications system used by the state or local police is automatically going to make the charge more severe.

Potential Consequences of an Arrest

Criminal mischief arrests could be intimidating for an accused individual. These charges range from a misdemeanor to a felony if it is a first-degree offense. All of them leave the person with an arrest record as well as a pending crime against them during the case. If they are not handled correctly, they could result in someone having a permanent criminal record. Therefore, it is essential for a defendant to seek the cousel of a well-practiced Greenwich criminal mischief lawyer.

Contact a Greenwich Criminal Mischief Attorney

If you need assistance fighting against your criminal mischief charges, reach out to an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. A Greenwich criminal mischief lawyer could be your advocate in pre-trial negotiations and fight for you in court if necessary. Call today to begin crafting an effective defense.