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    Greenwich Second-Degree Criminal Mischief Lawyer

    Were you arrested for vandalism in Greenwich, CT? Contact an experienced Greenwich second-degree criminal mischief lawyer for help with your case.

    What is Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree?

    Criminal mischief in the second degree occurs when someone damages another person’s personal property and the damage exceeds $250. This offense can also occur when someone intends to cause an interruption or impairment of services that are supposed to be rendered to the public, such as a public utility, public transportation, or power. Notably, the person does not have to cause any actual damage to be guilty of this form of criminal mischief. Intent alone is enough to establish the crime.

    What are Some Examples of Second-Degree Criminal Mischief?

    Common examples of second-degree criminal mischief include any situations in which someone breaks another person’s property. For example, if someone breaks someone else’s cell phone and causes more than $250 in damage, it could be second-degree criminal mischief. Additionally, someone could be charged with second-degree criminal mischief for making a plan to interfere with state or municipal property. For example, planning to cause problems with a public transportation system, even if one never completes the plan, could be second-degree criminal mischief.

    What are the Penalties for Second-Degree Criminal Mischief?

    Criminal mischief in the second degree is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by a criminal record, up to one year of incarceration, and a fine of up to $2,000. Additionally, individuals may be subject to probation or conditional discharge for up to two years. In limited circumstances, it could be raised to three years of probation.

    To help mitigate any consequences, a lawyer could help to show that the person did not intend to cause any impairment of service or did not intend to cause damage to the person’s property. Even if they did, perhaps it was an accident. Additionally, it could be a case of misidentification, and the suspect may not be the one who committed the vandalism.

    What if I Have Prior Criminal Convictions?

    If you have prior convictions, it can have an impact on your second-degree criminal mischief case. In most cases, individuals with criminal records are ineligible for any pretrial diversionary programs that could end with the dismissal of the case. If they have a prior conviction for criminal mischief or something close to it, like criminal trespass or burglary, the court may be less lenient.

    Should I Hire an Attorney for my Criminal Mischief Charges?

    Yes. An experienced attorney who handles mostly criminal law in the area of Greenwich knows the ins and outs of the law, knows how to carefully scrutinize police reports, and knows how to file the necessary motions. Experience with local judges and prosecutors in the local courts can make a difference in the outcome of a case.

    Contact a Greenwich Second-Degree Criminal Mischief Lawyer

    If you were arrested for damaging property, or you are currently under investigation, you could benefit from contacting a Greenwich second-degree criminal mischief lawyer as soon as possible. With help from an experienced attorney, you could work to resolve your charges in a positive manner. Call Mark Sherman Law today for more information.