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    Greenwich Criminal Mischief Fourth-Degree Lawyer

    Many people charged with criminal mischief believe they can handle the case themselves. Even a misdemeanor conviction can have serious consequences, however, including fines and even jail time. A criminal record can follow a person for life, leading to social stigma and difficulty finding employment.

    The best way to handle any charges is with a top CT criminal defense attorney by your side. They could conduct an independent investigation of the alleged incident, negotiate with prosecutors, and fight for an optimum outcome to your case. Contact a Greenwich fourth-degree criminal mischief lawyer today.

    What is Fourth-Degree Criminal Mischief in Connecticut?

    A fourth-degree criminal mischief charge in Greenwich is when somebody damages or tampers with a fire hydrant or a system that is owned by the state, a fire department, or a water company. It also can include somebody damaging other property that is owned by the state or any other property that is on public land.

    It differs from other degrees of criminal mischief charges because it mainly encompasses things and property that are owned by the state or a municipality. It also is different than other charges because it covers not only intentional behavior but also reckless behavior.

    The most common criminal mischief in the fourth-degree charge in Greenwich would be any kind of damage to or tampering with any crime of fire hydrant or sprinkler system that is owned by either private water company or a municipality.

    Consequences of a Fourth-Degree Criminal Mischief Charge

    Criminal mischief in the fourth degree in Greenwich is a Class C misdemeanor, and that means that the maximum penalty is up to three months in jail, a fine of up to $500, or a year of probation. What can also come with this charge is just the fact that the person would have a permanent criminal record if they were convicted of this offense.

    When someone is facing a fourth-degree criminal mischief charge in Greenwich, an experienced attorney may be able to negotiate a resolution of the case that results in a charge getting dropped altogether. If the client has never been in trouble before, they might be able to negotiate a pretrial diversionary program to get the case dismissed.

    Is Reduced Sentencing or Probation Available in CT?

    There are reduced sentencing or probation options offered with this charge. Even if someone pleads guilty or is found guilty, it is possible to receive only a sentence of probation or even a fine.

    Someone with a prior criminal history, however, will not receive the same potential leniency as someone who has a clean record. If a person is convicted of a more serious offense, the court will look less favorably on them. The court specifically looks to see if the person has any prior convictions for similar offenses, such as trespassing, burglary, or damage to someone else’s property.

    Seek the Services of a Greenwich Fourth-Degree Criminal Mischief Lawyer

    A Greenwich fourth-degree criminal mischief lawyer has the knowledge and experience needed to defend you against aggressive prosecutors. If you face allegations of vandalizing public property, do not hesitate to contact an attorney. They could analyze the evidence against you and craft a defense tailored to the facts of your case. Call today to get started.