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    Building a Criminal Mischief Defense in Greenwich

    While vandalism may seem like a minor charge, it can lead to a permanent criminal record that haunts you for life. For help building a strong criminal mischief defense, contact a top Greenwich attorney.

    How Does an Experienced Greenwich Lawyer Approach a Criminal Mischief Case?

    Criminal mischief and vandalism lawyers use various strategies when preparing a defense. First, the criminal mischief lawyer sits down with the defendant and gets an overview of the situation. The next step is often to seek out any favorable evidence. For example, security footage of the event may be evidence of the defendant’s innocence. To make sure this evidence does not disappear, the attorney files motions to preserve it.

    A lawyer can also carefully scrutinize all the police reports while simultaneously looking for helpful affirmative evidence. They may be able to show that the defendant is either not culpable or not as culpable as the court might think. After reviewing the available evidence, attorneys work on a more comprehensive defense strategy depending on the facts of the case.

    What Should I Bring to a Meeting with My Attorney?

    Before meeting with an attorney, it is helpful to compile everything you know about the incident. You may not yet have the police report, but it can still be helpful to record a timeline of everything you remember leading up to the incident. You should also compile a list of other people who were present and indicate to your attorney who might be able to provide a statement. Finally, you should list any information you have about electronic data such as text messages or surveillance footage.

    Let an Experienced Greenwich Criminal Mischief Attorney Build Your Defense

    If you face criminal mischief charges in Greenwich, you should look for an attorney who has handled this type of case before and is thoroughly familiar with the requirements of each statute. Each degree of criminal mischief charge requires the state to prove every element, and properly handling these charges can be challenging without experienced counsel.

    At Mark Sherman Law, we take a hands-on approach that examines the case from every angle and leaves no stone unturned. We have a good relationship with local judges and prosecutors that helps us understand what it takes to win a case. To schedule a consultation and learn how a Greenwich criminal mischief attorney could help you build a defense, call Mark Sherman Law today.