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    Greenwich Operating a Drug Factory With Intent to Distribute Lawyer


    Arrests for drug manufacturing and distribution are can result in lengthy prison sentences and expensive fees or fines, but a Greenwich operating a drug factory with intent to distribute lawyer could help.

    A top CT criminal drug attorney can review your case, conduct any investigations necessary to turn up evidence in your favor and work with you to plan the best possible defense strategy for your case.

    What is the Definition of a Drug Factory in Connecticut?

    Connecticut outlaws “drug factories” used to produce illegal substances. C.G.S. § 21a-240 defines a drug factory as any place used to manufacture, mix, distribute, refine, or hold an illicit substance.

    This could mean any room within a building used to produce or store. It could also include any place that contains drug-manufacturing equipment or drug paraphernalia as a drug factory, such as a dorm room, car, or garage.

    Do Drugs Have to Be Found by Police for a Connecticut Drug Factory Arrest?

    No. Drugs do not need to be present for this classification to apply. As a result, almost any location that has containers, capsules, or tools used in drug production, or intended to be used in drug production, could legally be deemed a drug factory. The potential breadth of this legal definition underscores the critical role that strong representation from a Greenwich operating a drug factory with intent to distribute attorney could play.

    What are the Jail Penalties for Operating a Drug Factory Arrest in Greenwich CT?

    Individuals in Greenwich charged with operating of a drug factory with intent to distribute could receive a variety of penalties under C.G.S § 21a-277. These penalties depend on the specific situation surrounding the offense.

    For a first-time offender, anyone found guilty could receive up to 15 years imprisonment, be forced to pay massive fines or both. Second-time offenders and beyond could receive up to 30 years imprisonment. These aforementioned penalties could be increased or reduced depending on the type of drug that is being produced.

    Fighting Operating Drug Factory Arrests in Greenwich CT

    As the best Greenwich criminal defense lawyers understand, any person in Greenwich accused of operating a drug factory could incur multiple charges because the drug laws in the Connecticut Penal Code are so broad. For example, you may be charged with manufacturing a specific drug, distribution or intending to distribute, and selling or intending to sell it. Fortunately, an operating a drug factory operation with intent to distribute lawyer in Greenwich may be able to help contest some of these charges and minimize possible punishments.

    Narcotics & Controlled Substances Arrests in Greenwich CT

    Many courts may try to punish the production of illicit substances more severely than those arrested for just using drugs. As far as the letter of the law goes, though, Connecticut criminalizes the possession, production, and distribution of a wide variety of illegal drugs, including:

    • Amphetamines
    • Barbiturates
    • Hallucinogenic substances
    • Narcotics, including opium

    Additionally, Connecticut restricts the manufacture or sale of certain “restricted substances,” according to Connecticut General Statutes § 21a-245. These substances include certain alkaloids, plant-derived substances, inhalants, and stimulants, according to C.G.S. § 21a-240.

    Call a Greenwich Operating a Drug Factory With Intent to Distribute Attorney

    If you are charged in Greenwich with operating a drug factory with intent to distribute, you may be wondering how to navigate the legal system and what steps to take next. Any of the top Greenwich CT criminal lawyers who fight charges for operating a drug factory with intent to distribute knows every drug case is different and can provide focused, competent representation and help you strive for a positive outcome.

    Call today and schedule a consultation with a Greenwich operating a drug factory with intent to distribute lawyer.