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    Contacting a Greenwich Operating a Drug Factory Lawyer

    Operating a drug factory is a serious offense in Connecticut. Drug manufacturing offenses could even result in a felony conviction, depending on certain aggravating factors. That is why one of your first steps following an arrest should be contacting a Greenwich operating a drug factory lawyer. A skilled attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to fight for you.

    Intimidating Nature of Operating a Drug Factory Charges

    Operating a drug factor charge is probably the most intimidating to face in Greenwich because it is hard to fight. It is a felony charge, so anyone charged with operating a drug factory in Greenwich is going to not only have a potential criminal record, but it is going to be a felony criminal record.

    The social stigma of being arrested is bad, but when someone is arrested for something titled operating a drug factory, it sounds a lot of worse than it might be. The stigma is amplified because people think this person is being charged with operating a drug factory like a huge mastermind of drug production when it might not be the case.

    Knowing When to Consult a Lawyer

    A person facing an operating a drug factory charge in Greenwich should contact an attorney as soon as they are made aware that the police are investigating them. In some cases they would get a call from a detective at the Greenwich Police Department asking to speak with them, saying that they got information and they want them to come in and make statements. Sometimes that is helpful to do. However, the person should not do it alone. They should let the officer know that they are checking with their attorney and their attorney will get back to the officer.

    What they should do from that point is get in touch with an experienced attorney and let the attorney be the one dealing with the officer from that point, whether it is to set up a statement or to decline giving statement. They should not have any contact with the police officer from that point forward unless with their attorney is there. Contacting a Greenwich operating a drug factory lawyer could help an individual avoid self-incrimination and ensure that they have someone on their side.

    What to Do in Case of an On-Site Arrest?

    If someone is arrested on-site arrest and they do not have the opportunity to make a statement, during the booking process the police officer may ask if they want to make a statement. If it is the same situation, they should decline at that point. If they are already arrested, it is not going to do anything to change the fact that they are arrested. They should consider contacting a Greenwich operating a drug factory lawyer and see if it makes sense for them to go back and give more information at a later date when the attorney is present.

    Information to Share with a Greenwich Operating a Drug Factory Attorney

    After contacting a Greenwich operating a drug factory lawyer, an individual should expect to For the initial consultation, a person facing operating a drug factory charge in Greenwich should have any paperwork that they receive from the Greenwich Police Department. If they have been arrested, they would have the release paperwork and the charging instrument, so they should bring that with them. Additionally, if any search warrant was executed on their home, their car, or their cell phone, they should bring a copy of that as well, which would be provided to them by the police officer.

    They should also bring any background of any criminal charges they have had in the past as well as information about what was in the home, the car, or whoever was searched by the police, so that way the defense attorney knows exactly what to expect when the police reports are released. Additionally, the person should keep in mind that everything during that initial consultation is going to be confidential. They should disclose as much information as they remember to help prepare the defense attorney for what may be coming in the police report. That way the defense attorney could start getting a defense strategy for how they are going to handle the case.