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    Building a Defense for New Canaan Domestic Violence Charges

    Whether you already have a criminal record or this is your first time dealing with a criminal prosecution, allegations of domestic violence can make for emotional, time-consuming, and exceptionally complicated criminal cases. When it comes to building a defense for New Canaan domestic violence charges that is both comprehensive and effective, there is no substitute for guidance from a seasoned domestic violence defense attorney.

    Can I Resolve Domestic Violence Charges Outside of Court?

    There are many situations where someone involved in a domestic dispute is arrested and charged with a “family violence” crime without anyone feeling threatened or any violence occurring. In scenarios like this, resolving the underlying conflict and working together to explain the situation to the court can sometimes lead to the n being dropped without anyone having to go through a lengthy criminal trial.

    Likewise, courts are sometimes willing to discuss alternatives to criminal sentencing for defendants who are cooperative and willing to take responsibility for their alleged actions. This is particularly true for those who are first-time offenders. Someone who is willing to participate in anger management counseling or substance abuse treatment after a domestic violence arrest may be able to convince a court that participating in such treatment would be better for all involved parties.

    Another option that is often worth considering for first-time offenders building a defense for New Canaan domestic violence charges is the Family Violence Education Program (“FVEP”). Someone who applies for participation in this program, has their application accepted by the court, and completes a series of FVEP classes while also completing all other court-assigned conditions is eligible to have their charges dropped and their records cleared.

    Can You Fight Domestic Violence Allegations on Merit?

    While the strategies mentioned above can be useful for certain defendants, there are also many situations where people charged with family violence have no choice but to go to court and defend themselves there. Once again, the right approach for this kind of case can vary based on what specific charges someone is facing and how the person they allegedly were violent towards interacts with the case.

    When building a defense for domestic violence charges in New Canaan, necessary evidence can include testimony from witnesses to the alleged violence and witnesses to the character of all parties involved. It can also entail medical records indicating whether a physical injury was present, phone and online message logs, and sometimes documentary evidence like surveillance camera footage. This can be used to establish that alleged violence never occurred in the first place and that what happened did not meet the criteria necessary for the criminal charge or was not serious enough to warrant a particular degree of criminal charges.

    Reach Out to a New Canaan Attorney for Help with Building a Defense for Domestic Violence Charges

    There is no single best solution when it comes to effectively contesting accusations of family violence in Connecticut. The right approach will be the one most closely attuned to your unique needs, circumstances, and best interests—and finding this approach is not something you should try to accomplish alone.

    Representation from a qualified attorney can make a tremendous difference while building a defense for New Canaan domestic violence charges. Set up a meeting by calling the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today, and click here to read what our past clients have to say about working with us.