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    Interfering with 911 Call in New Canaan

    Interfering with a 911 call in New Canaan can result in significant consequences both in criminal and in family court. If you are facing charges for this type of offense, it may be in your best interests to speak with an experienced domestic violence attorney as soon as possible and discuss your legal options.

    Is Interfering with an Emergency Call a Criminal Offense in New Canaan?

    Yes. According to Connecticut General Statutes §53a-183b, anyone who knowingly and intentionally obstructs another person’s attempt to summon police protection or report a crime via phone or radio communication may be charged with interfering with an emergency call. As it is defined under state law, interference with a 911 call in New Canaan can entail either physical or verbal obstruction that prevents or hinders someone from completing a 911 call.

    Physical interference could entail someone taking the phone away, severing the connection, destroying the phone receiver, or physically restraining the person attempting to call emergency service. Verbal interference typically involves threatening someone with harm if they call 911, but it could also entail actions such as grabbing the phone and insisting to the operator that there is no need to send police.

    Can I Go to Jail for Interfering with an Emergency Call?

    Yes. This offense is a class A misdemeanor, for which maximum punishments upon conviction may include a one-year jail sentence and a $2,000 fine. Additional penalties may be levied against a defendant if they are convicted for other charges—such as assault—related to the same incident. To learn more about assault charges in Connecticut, click here.

    What Are Some Additional Consequences for Domestic Violence Offenses?

    Anyone who obstructs a spouse, relationship partner, family member, or household member from contacting emergency services may have their emergency call interference charge classified as a domestic violence offense. This designation does not allow for additional criminal penalties in Connecticut, but it can have a significant impact on how the ensuing case plays out and what kind of consequences a defendant may ultimately face. To learn more about domestic violence charges, click here.

    For example, initial arraignment hearings for domestic violence offenses typically happen much more quickly than those for other types of criminal cases, in the interests of protecting the alleged victim. Typically, if a New Canaan resident is accused of domestic violence based on their interference with an emergency call, they will have to appear in court for arraignment the very next business morning.

    Furthermore, this initial arraignment hearing will almost always include the issuance of a temporary protective order, which may be replaced with a longer and more severe standing criminal protective order following a conviction in criminal court. This order could mandate anything from ceasing all contact with the protected party to staying away from their home and workplace, to simply not harassing them any further while the order is in effect.

    Speak with a New Canaan Attorney About 911 Call Interference Charges

    If you were charged with interfering with a 911 call in New Canaan, you have a right to seek dedicated legal representation that could help you protect your best interests. Head over to to read why hundreds of clients have rated our firm 5-stars, then call Mark Sherman Law to set up a consultation and see how a seasoned domestic violence attorney could help you.