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    New Canaan Roommate Violence Lawyer

    Those accused of domestic violence in connection with a roommate are advised to consult a New Canaan roommate violence lawyer. A top domestic violence attorney can help build a solid defense strategy and minimize negative consequences.

    Is Violence Against a Roommate Considered Domestic Violence?

    Roommates in New Canaan can be charged with domestic violence even if their relationship is strictly platonic or they have no relationship at all. Family violence encompasses those in an intimate relationship, familial relationship, and household relationship.

    What is Domestic Violence in New Canaan?

    When a crime of violence occurs between household or family members, that offense will be considered a family violence crime. Crimes commonly charged as family violence offenses include assault, stalking, harassment, and threatening. New Canaan roommate violence lawyers know that courts and law enforcement officials must often treat an offense differently in family violence cases than they would in other situations.

    Will I be Subject to a Protective Order for Assault on a Roommate?

    In domestic violence cases, courts automatically impose protective orders that stay in place until the criminal charges are settled. A standing criminal protective order may be implemented that will remain in place much longer.

    If criminal courts are not yet involved, a roommate who feels threatened may seek a civil restraining order from a civil court. These different types of protective orders share some similar traits. First, they are customized to fit the needs of a situation as the court sees it. An order may prohibit all contact between parties, allow certain types of contact, or only prohibit certain specific actions or communications. A New Canaan roommate violence lawyer could review and explain the terms of a protective order.

    What are the Penalties for Protective Order Violations?

    Violation of a protective order is a felony criminal offense, even if the order was issued by a civil court. Penalties for violation of a protective order could include up to ten years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. For this reason, it is crucial to understand the parameters of your order.

    A New Canaan Roommate Violence Lawyer can advocate for modification of your order if it is overly and unnecessarily restrictive. To learn more, click here.

    Talk to a New Canaan Roommate Violence Attorney

    It is wise for anyone accused of violence against a household member to contact a New Canaan roommate violence lawyer. An attorney can build a strong defense and advocate on your behalf. To learn how a roommate violence attorney could help in your situation, call the lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today.