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    Norwalk Strangulation Second-Degree Lawyer 

    Strangulation arrests in Norwalk, Connecticut often arise from domestic violence disputes. Emotions run high when family members fight and argue. But when someone puts their hands on another’s neck, Norwalk police and prosecutors enforce a zero-tolerance policy. Connecticut criminal law sets forth three degrees of a Norwalk Strangulation arrest, two of which are classified as felonies. All three may be punished by substantial terms of imprisonment.

    So if you have been arrested for strangulation in the second degree, then it is crucial to hire a distinguished criminal defense attorney as soon possible. Working with an experienced Norwalk strangulation second-degree lawyer will give you peace of mind knowing that you are taking the steps necessary to avoid making costly mistakes, and they will help you work toward the best possible resolution of your arrest.

    What is Strangulation in the Second-Degree?

    The Connecticut criminal code establishes a general definition of strangulation—when an individual restrains another by the neck in a manner which impedes breathing or the flow of blood. When this act of restraint is undertaken with deliberate intent to restrict blood flow or breath, then it is classified as strangulation in the second-degree.

    If the restraint is caused recklessly rather than intentionally, then it would be classified as strangulation in the third-degree, a Class A misdemeanor. Know, however, that the presence of additional factors can increase the severity of the Norwalk strangulation arrest so that it will be considered first-degree strangulation under C.G.S. § 53a-64aa. These factors include the use of a dangerous instrument, the causing of a serious injury, or a prior conviction for second-degree strangulation.

    Penalties for Strangulation Arrests

    Second-degree strangulation is considered a Class D felony under Connecticut law, punishable by up to 5 years in jail and a $5000 fine. Other consequences that follow a Norwalk, Connecticut conviction for Strangulation Second Degree include a lengthy probation, a standing criminal protective order, and potential trouble maintaining employment and regulatory licenses. Strangulation convictions can also create difficulty for you in employment searches, background checks, and renting an apartment.

    Protective / Restraining Orders Issued in Strangulation Arrests

    In Norwalk Connecticut strangulation arrests, the Norwalk police and domestic violence court usually issue temporary protective or restraining orders that can prohibit you from returning to your home for months. Anyone subject to such a criminal protective order has the right to a full evidentiary hearing on a strangulation protective order.

    Violating these orders is a felony, so it is important to fully understand and comply with the terms of such orders.

    Arrests for strangulation in the second-degree are frequently prosecuted by Connecticut prosecutors with extensive experience in this area of law. Therefore, it is vital that an individual work with a Norwalk strangulation second-degree lawyer who practices criminal law full-time. These lawyers know the criminal statutes inside-out, and how courts have applied the laws in different circumstances.

    Assistance of a Norwalk Criminal Attorney

    Forensic evidence and medical data regarding Connecticut strangulation arrests are critical. So if you are arrested in Norwalk for strangulation second or third-degree, then you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to help collect, preserve and examine evidence crucial to the outcome of the case.

    In addition, an experienced Norwalk strangulation second-degree lawyer can help achieve compliance with court orders and will serve as an advocate during every step of the court process, helping you to reach the optimum outcome.