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    Role of Family Relations Officers in Norwalk Protective Orders

    If you were arrested for a domestic violence offense, you will meet with a Family Relations Officer before your first hearing. The role of a Family Relations Officer in Norwalk is to make recommendations to the judge regarding the imposition of a protective order.

    For representation during your protective order hearing, you should retain a top domestic violence attorney. An experienced criminal lawyer could provide you with sound advice and fight for a favorable outcome to your case.

    Safety Assessment Interviews

    The Family Relations Officer conducts a safety-assessment interview with the defendant before a domestic violence hearing. The interview is a series of questions about the nature of the allegations, and the defendant tells their side of the story. The interviewer reviews the defendant’s family and personal history, and they often ask very personal questions about their relationship with the accuser. Based on their answers to those questions, the officer makes a recommendation to the judge.

    Although it is not mandatory that a defendant’s attorney be present at the safety assessment interview, having representation can prevent the accused from making the situation worse.

    How the Family Relations Officer Impacts a Protective Order Hearing

    The Family Relations Officer works for the court, and they report their assessment to the judge at a person’s protective order hearing. Any incriminating statements or statements that raise a concern are likely to make their way into an assessment report that the judge will eventually read. Essentially, anything a person says in that interview is typically used against them in the protective order hearing.

    Then, the officer gives their recommendations to the victim’s advocate who will use them when speaking with the victim. That interplay works against the defendant, and the accuser often fights for the highest level of protective order possible.

    How a Skilled Protective Order Attorney Could Help

    Domestic violence cases and protective order hearings involve so many moving parts that they can quickly become confusing. Without knowledge of the case process and experience in court, individuals may be overwhelmed and unsure how to best represent their interests. In Norwalk domestic violence cases, the Family Relations Officer and several other pat

    If you were arrested for a domestic violence offense, you should not risk handling your case alone. Without an experienced defense attorney advising you and advocating for your interests, you are at a serious disadvantage. Call Mark Sherman Law today to see how an attorney can help.