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    Impact of Norwalk Protective Orders on Personal Rights

    The impact of Norwalk protective orders on personal rights can be enormous. If a protective order is issued against someone, they may not be able to see their children nor go home, even if they own the home.

    If you had a protective order issued against you or are concerned you will in the future, a top domestic violence lawyer could help. The best CT attorneys understand the emotional and personal difficulties that a protective order can cause, and they could stand by you until your case is resolved.

    Firearm Restrictions After a Protective Order

    If a protective order is issued against an individual, it will affect their rights to own a firearm. Within 24 hours of a protective order being issued, the individual must surrender all firearms and permits to the police or sell them. The order to surrender firearms applies to all firearms, including hunting weapons.

    The surrender of firearms typically entails coordinating with the police, and individuals sometimes bring them directly to the police station. If a full no-contact or residential stay-away protective order is entered, the court will give the person a chance to go back home one time with a police escort to collect their belongings. If they have firearms, they can hand them over to the police at that time.

    Second Amendment Considerations

    Because of the seizure of firearms, a lot of people claim the impact of Norwalk protective orders on personal rights constitutes a violation of the Second Amendment. This is a big debate in Connecticut. The counter-argument is that in the criminal justice system, it is just a temporary surrender of firearms and does not violate the Constitution if the person is given due process. They will get the firearms back when the protective order is lifted, as long as the defendant does not plead to any domestic violence crimes.

    Contact Between the Defendant and Plaintiff in Connecticut

    A full no-contact protective order will restrain the defendant from having contact with the plaintiff. Under a residential stay-away order or a partial protective order, however, they would be allowed some contact.

    Connecticut courts interpret contact to be any physical, verbal, electronic, or digital contact with the petitioner. One type of contact a lot of people do not think about is the passing of messages through a third party. This is called “third-party contact,” and it would still be in violation of a no-contact order.

    Social and Professional Implications of Protective Orders

    The real implications of receiving a protective order come from the arrest that the protective order stems from. That could have an effect in a social way, or it could affect the person’s employment if it was revealed that they were arrested.

    Let an Experienced Norwalk Protective Order Attorney be Your Advocate

    Since the impact of Norwalk protective orders on personal rights is so significant, individuals involved in protective orders should seek qualified legal representation. A knowledgeable Norwalk domestic violence lawyer could work on your behalf to minimize the difficulties you experience. Seek the services of an attorney as soon as you can.