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    Impact of Norwalk Protective Orders on Family Life

    The impact of Norwalk protective orders on family life can be emotionally devastating for everyone involved. If you are a party involved in a current or future protective order, you may face challenging disruptions to your normal routine. A top domestic violence attorney in Norwalk could help you understand and navigate the protective order process and work towards a favorable resolution.

    Protective Orders Between Parties Who Live Together

    If a full no-contact protective order or a residential stay-away protective order is issued, it will prevent the defendant from being allowed to return home. The gender of the defendant plays no role, whether a man or a woman, the respondent would not be allowed to go home.

    The impact of Norwalk protective orders on family life can be complicated by the presence of children in the home. If the defendant is allowed to see the children, that would have to occur somewhere other than the home. They would not be able to pick up their children at home or do anything else around the residence.

    What if the Accused Has Nowhere Else to Go?

    The court does not care whether the accused has any other options. The order will still be entered against them and the court will tell them they have to find somewhere else to go.

    Best Interests of the Child

    The issue of the best interests of the child generally is a matter for the family court to determine. Protective orders are issued in a criminal court in Connecticut, so the best interests of the child do not affect who will be able to go home. For instance, if the mother of the child is accused of assault and the protective order is entered against her, she would not be allowed to go home. The court does not discriminate in that regard.

    Who has the Right to the Home?

    The court does not get involved in who has the right to be in the home other than the person who is issued a residential stay-away or a full no-contact protective order. It does not matter whose name is on the home’s deed, whether it is the primary resident or the person who shares it with them. If the protective order is issued against them, they are not allowed to go home.

    Financial Support Measures

    Any issues of financial support are matters for family and other civil courts to decide. In Norwalk, protective orders are issued only by the criminal court, and it makes no carve-outs for financial support measures. A protective order is only criminal – it can be used as a tool in other proceedings, but it won’t control other family or civil proceedings. To learn more about the impact of Norwalk protective orders on family life, call a lawyer today.

    Contact a Top CT Protective Order Attorney to Discuss Your Case

    If you are involved in a domestic violence situation, you may be unsure about the impact of Norwalk protective orders on family life. These situations are emotionally charged and difficult for everyone involved, but an experienced attorney could help. The best Norwalk domestic violence lawyers could provide you with peace of mind as you face protective orders and associated criminal charges. Call today to begin working towards an optimum outcome in your case.